Liverpool Cat Cafe – A Review

I am definitely more of a dog person than a cat person, however, when I saw the new Cat Cafe in Liverpool I just had to go in for a visit…

When we arrived, we entered a reception area where we were greeted by a very friendly member of staff. We were informed that you pay for your time in the cafe which is £1 for 5 minutes; you are given a time card when you enter and pay when you leave! The cost of your stay includes unlimited hot or cold drinks of your choice and there is also food available for an additional price.

We spent 50 minutes inside the cafe and therefore paid £8 each. During that time I had one coffee and Jacob had one coffee, one diet coke and a bottle of water to take home when we left.  The cafe was set across three floors; each decorated with adorable furniture, beautiful armchairs and comfy sofas with lots of toys, platforms and cosy beds for the cats!

There were 18 cats in the cafe to interact with, although there were some important rules to abide by, such as not waking up the sleeping cats, not chasing them around the cafe, and not using flash photography.

Sadly most of the cats were sleeping during our visit, but that did not affect the enjoyment of our time there! We were still able to stroke the cats and one cat, in particular, did decide to wake up and have a little play around before disappearing for some more quality sleep time!

The cafe had a very relaxing environment so it was nice to sit down and escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre.

There was a fair selection of food and drink to choose from, I will definitely be trying something from their food menu on our next visit. They had a range of cakes and sandwiches to choose from, and they also had the option for afternoon tea (however, this needed to be booked in advance).

It was nice that we were able to just turn up without having to pre-book a time slot at the cafe. It is recommended that you book in advance if you are planning on arriving with a large group; although they do aim to keep 50% of their availability free for walk-ins.

One of my favourite cats from the cafe was a beautiful fluffy cat called Izzy, she was a munchkin cat and her eyes were bright blue! She was so soft and sweet, we had lots of cuddles during my visit. She was a very sleepy kitty, but that just made her even more adorable!
I was hoping to catch sight of Dobby, their hairless cat but sadly he did not make an appearance. I have recently developed an addiction to hairless cats and I would love to own one in the future (If I can get the other half to cave in!)

All of the cats were very well behaved, all of the staff were very friendly, checking in on each customer to make sure they were happy with their visit and offering drink refills.

I think the way in which the cafe is run is very good! Paying for your time there rather than there being a set entry fee is a great idea and knowing that that includes as many hot or cold drinks as you like is also brilliant. You could stay there for 15 minutes, have a cold drink stroke some of the cats and leave, just paying £3! Although this option sounds great… it is safe to say that once you are in the cafe it is difficult to bring yourself to wanting to leave! We intended on staying for 30 minutes and ended up being there for around 50 minutes.

It was nice to see how happy and content all of the cats were during our visit and they had plenty of space to explore and lots of quiet places for them to sit and relax if they wanted to move away from all the attention for a little while.

Since leaving the cafe, we have discovered that every cat has its own Instagram page! It is safe to say that we have followed most of their accounts so that we can keep up to date on their antics! I have also found that they have an online store selling cat-themed clothing, jewellery, keyrings, mugs and gift vouchers! They also host events at the cafe such as Kids and Cats (Autism Friendly) and movie nights. The movie nights sound like great fun, costing £15 per ticket and showing much-loved family friendly movies! This price includes drinks and popcorn too. I will definitely be looking at these events in the future.

I would also love to try their afternoon tea one day too! I may book this for my mums birthday in July.


I would definitely recommend visiting this lovely little cafe (or the Manchester cafe if that one is closer to you!) The atmosphere was lovely the price was reasonable, the seating areas were comfortable and cosy, the hot drinks were very nice it was an overall lovely experience.

You can check out their website for more details here!
Instagram page here!

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