Greece 2019

This year I went to Greece with my fiance and his Dad’s side of the family! We stayed in Faliraki in a hotel called The Sun Palace and it was a very jam-packed week in the sun.

On the 1st of June at 5 pm, we set off into the sky and headed towards Faliraki in Greece. When we landed it was around 11 pm local time, it was warm outside with a gentle breeze in the air. We stepped off the plane and headed towards passport control before collecting our bags and making our way to our coach. The transfers from the airport to the hotel did not take too long and before we knew it we had arrived at The Sun Palace Hotel. 

Check in was fairly quick and easy, and we headed off to find our rooms. There was ten of us altogether, eight adults and two children. We were each given two vouchers to use in the hotel’s fancy eateries, a burger house and a Mediterranean restaurant, we kept hold of them and decided to book in for them towards the end of the holiday.

The rooms we were given were not what we requested as three adults were staying in one room and required three single beds, but instead, they were given a double bed and a single pull out bed. However, it was late so they decided to speak to reception the following morning to try and sort something out. Our room was great! It was the largest of the four rooms, with a little hallway leading through to the bedroom area, a large double bed, a desk with a mirror and stool, an armchair and a little sofa bed. The bathroom was a decent size, with a bathtub and shower, a sink, toilet and large mirror. We also had a nice sized balcony with a little table and two chairs out there.

Once we settled in with all of our bags, a few of us decided to head out in the search for food. We took a stroll out of the hotel until we found a little 24-hour shop and a 24-hour takeaway place. We bought some bottles of water for the hotel room before ordering pizzas, cheesy chips and burgers in the takeout place. The food was delicious! We instantly knew this would be a regular food stop after a night out in the town. 

By the time we got back to our rooms, it was past 4 am. Me and Jake went straight to sleep, the bed in our room was very comfy and the pillows were super soft. I cannot sleep without a blanket though, so I got under the thin bedsheet and snuggled in for the night.

I had a very good sleep considering we were up at 9 am to go and get some breakfast in the hotel restaurant. Me and Jake got up and got dressed, wearing our swimming gear under our clothes, and headed downstairs and across to the main hotel building for food. The restaurant was self-service with a wide variety of foods available, cooked breakfast, cereal, toast, pancakes, waffles, omelettes and much more! There was also a juicer available so we could make freshly squeezed orange juice! We could have as much food and drink as we liked as the hotel was all inclusive. 

Breakfast was delicious and certainly filled us up! When we were done, we headed over to splashworld, the hotels very own waterpark. We found ourselves some sunbeds and headed off to the slides. It wasn’t long before the others came to join us.
The slides were really fun! Once we were on them we could not get off them! There was a snack bar near the pool too, this served things such as pasta, pizza, chicken, burgers, kebab, chips, and ice cream! There was food available all through the day, so there was no way that we would go hungry. And to top it off it was all delicious! 

We spent most days at the hotel, relaxing by the pool, enjoying the slides and basking in the sunshine. But of an evening we headed into the town for cocktails and karaoke! Every day was an absolute ball and Greece was absolutely stunning. 

The first few days were very warm, but their was a very nice breeze keeping us cool. We were able to sit in the sun all day long without feeling too hot, which was perfect!

One day, we decided to catch the bus into Lindos to visit the beautiful, famous, St Pauls Bay. The bus cost around €5 euros per person each way and took around 30 minutes to get there. The bus was air-conditioned and the journey was pleasant. 

When we arrived we took a nice walk towards the bay. There were lovely flowers all the way down the side of the road and the views were breath-taking. We stopped at the end of the road and looked over a wall so we could see the bay from above. It was gorgeous.  The water looked amazing, a stunning shade of blue, glistening in the sun. There were hardly any waves to be seen, it was calm and relaxing. 

We stood for a moment, taking in the view before continuing our walk. 

The rest of the walk was lovely. We went past lots of little cafes and souvenir shops and the buildings were vintage and pretty. Exactly the type of sights I like to see. Everywhere looked so historical and romantic, just perfect. Everywhere was just very beautiful, I could have stayed there enjoying the views all day long.  The heat on this day was very intense, so the shade from the buildings was very inviting. 

When we reached St Pauls Bay you could have heard a pin drop as we stared at the scenery in awe. It looked like something out of a movie. Crystal clear waters, beautiful caves and coves, red hot sand and the fresh smell of the sea in the air. I could have cried it was so beautiful. 

We found a spot on the sand to lay down our towels before putting on some suncream and heading into the water. The sand was so hot we had to run to the water to cool down our feet! The water was warm against my skin. Some of the others decided to swim all the way out to the caves, I was happy sitting in the water and enjoying the view in front of me. I collected some pebbles from the beach to take home with me and add to my collection. 

We stayed here for an hour or so before walking back up through the little town and finding a nice little cafe for lunch. Jakes Grandad visits Lindos every year, so he knew just the place to go! The cafe was called Mario’s and could fit around 20 people inside. The owner kindly put some tables together so that we could all sit with one another to eat. Jacob ordered steak and chips, I ordered spaghetti and meatballs and we each had a bottle of ice cold Cola. The food was brought out in no time and the service was lovely. I really enjoyed my meatballs, though they were very filling! 

When we had finished, we began walking back up towards the bus station, stopping off at a little shop for ice-cream along the way. 
We had to wait a little while before our bus came, but the weather was beautiful so we did not mind. It was a very nice day out, Lindos was truly magical! I would definitely like to go back there for a romantic getaway with Jacob. 

On another day, a few of us took a bus into Rhodes Town to visit the Palace of the Grand Master. Those of you who know me will know just how much I love places like this! 
The grounds were huge, there were hundreds of shops and restaurants within them, set out as a massive market. The buildings were stunning, there were statues and fountains jotted around and a large clock tower too. We didn’t have the time to walk around the whole of the castle and we did not go inside any of the main buildings there, but I enjoyed every second. 
Me and Jake decided to split off from the group to go and have a quiet dinner date together and escape the hustle and bustle for a little while. We found a beautiful rooftop restaurant where we had kebabs with chips and a lovely, much-needed, iced-coffee. This was fairly cheap, coming to a total of €15. 

Another lovely day out creating memories! The castle was amazing, lunch was delicious and the sights were unreal. 

Overall, I think it is safe to say that we had an amazing week in Greece! The weather stayed hot and sunny, the hotel was lovely, the nightlife was fun, the food was yummy and the company was perfect! Definitely one to remember. 

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