Poetry Competition Entries 2019

This year our Spring Poetry Competition had the topic of ‘Family’. We received over 25 entries however many of them wished to remain anonymous and some wished to not share their work publicly at all, their wishes will, of course, be respected.

The Winner’s Piece: A Thread of Gold by Adrian Ward

I touch you
The soft caress of moonbeams
Fold you into my heart
Snug, safe
Joined by genes
Silken chains no one can break
You can leave
But, the thread stretches after you
One day you will weave a garment of your own
I shall be there, in the weft and the weave
A thread of gold
A stitch
One day your children
Peering into a looking glass
May admire the design
And you and I, shall be woven together
Once more
A silken whisper in eternity

I loved the running metaphor in this piece, comparing genetics to a piece of golden thread, family to a unique woven garment passed through the generations. Showing that although families drift apart and go their separate ways, they are always connected. Beautifully written, a well-deserved winning piece.

Family by DJ Thomas
Family can show us the worst and best of life, Immense love or extreme strife.
Family makes us laugh and make us cry when it’s time to say goodbye.
Family teach us to read and write and what’s wrong and right.
Family help us with our homework to get us through to university in the hope they won’t go broke.
Family are there over the years, through all your tears and fears.
Family watch us find love with help from high above.
Family watch you marry, the costs they do tally.
Then comes the baby’s and you say goodbye to your hay days.
Family strife is now part of your life.
We laugh and we play as we would not have it anyway.
And before you can think it’s all over in a blink.

There’s A Cloud in My Head by Sean Edwards

There’s a cloud in my head, it’s clouding my view
And there’s times in my life, I don’t know what to do.
I feel panic and anguish, anxiety reigns
I can’t find an answer, to my ills and my pains.
Like an exhausted shell, I’m empty inside
I close my eyes, it’s my place to hide.
I smile for the world, setting a false tone
I carry my burden, I feel I’m alone.
But alone I am not, there are ones that do care
Brave you must be, your problem you must share.
And that cloud in your head, that cloud that is grey
Will finally disappear, leaving the clearest of day.

Family by Andree Malenoir
My family’s in heaven, well I hope that they are
Well there’s Mum and there’s Dad and both my Grandma’s
My Grandad’s must be there, tho’ I never did mourn
For both of them died before I was born.
I hope they’re all happy in their sweet paradise
I’ve heard that it’s peaceful way up in the skies
For when we think of heaven, we look up and above
There’s no war there, no crime just continuous love.
We hope that our family have met in this land
That they’ll all be together and they walk hand in hand
Or maybe this vision is how we’d like it to be
For in truth we don’t know… it remains to be seen.
For perhaps there’s no heaven, no hell, nothing more
Maybe after we die there is no open door.
What we know is we miss them… this is life’s cruel joke
For altho’ death comes to all, in our mind’s it’s remote.
For we hold onto life never seeing its end
As it’s over the rainbow and around the next bend.
Tho’ our families have left us in this earthly domain
We have hope that we’ll meet them… when we cannot remain.
So altho’ we are orphans, even tho’ we grow old
And we miss them around us, but to life we sill hold
But there will come a day when I hope I will be
In that wondrous reunion… my dear family and me.

An Untitled Poem by Ciaran Hilton
It must be said, I want to see you
Smoking a cigarette and talking about nothing
About what you did and who you saw
And sometimes smiling and sometimes not
But looking lovely like 
Flowers on a sill
It should be said I want you always
On grey winters when my
Face is stained by wind, or rain
Or tears
And the sky is black with smoke
From dirty factories and distant
Shapes of men in overalls
Lead like ants over the horizon
And I am missing you
And I think of you a lot
In stark hours marked by the 
Ticking tock of ancient clocks
And the world seems so heavy in
Those moments
But distance will not be
The death of us
And it must be said 
I have been missing you all my life
And I wait for you still

Twenty-One by Karen Sanders
When you left me I was twenty-one
I was oblivious that you were gone
I was not there to say goodbye
The guilt of which will always lie

I loved you more than words can say
And I think of you every single day.
You were my hero in so many ways
You worked hard to give me happy days

Once a soilder fighting in a war
Raising a family you were made for
Me and my brother you did adore
Even though he was quite a chore.

You loved our mother with everything
Flowers for her you did bring
Now I’m looking for a love myself
But there’s none like you on the shelf

You were a gentleman kind and true
I wish men today were more like you.
Material things we did not possess
We were spoilt with love and tenderness

You would make us toys up out of wood
Turn your hands to anything you could
Now there’s a stone laying on the ground
With your name on and flowers around.

Anonymous Entry
Families come in all shapes and sizes
There are no two the same
Some drive us crazy
Whereas others keep us sane

Some of us are lucky
With families kind and warm
Others are not so fortunate
With families that are torn

Families can be a group of friends
Mums, dads, grandparents and cousins too
But all that matters 
I if they are there for you. 


These are just a select few from the entries that we received this year! Thank you to everyone who took part and a big congratulations to our winner Adrian Ward! 
Next year the deadline will be extended! I am open to topic suggestions up until then so please do not hesitate to send them in! 


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