Beautiful Beginnings Nursery School

So! I started my dream job at Beautiful Beginnings Nursery around four weeks ago, and today I realised that I had not written a blog post about it! So here is a quick post about my new job and how I feel after my first month of being a nursery practitioner.

When I first started working at Beautiful Beginnings I was nervous about meeting the team of nursery practitioners there that I would be working with. Worried about whether or not they would like me, whether we would get on well together and whether or not I would fit in with them.

When I arrived, I was greeted by a very friendly manager who kindly talked me through all of the policies and procedures that I needed to know before taking me to the classroom where I would be based. It was a very relaxed environment and I felt comfortable going through all of the paperwork and knowing that I was able to ask her any questions that I may have had.
When I was shown to the classroom I would be working with, I was greeted by 3 other members of staff. They were all fairly welcoming and each of them made sure that I was included in conversations and that I was shown the ropes of the job throughout the day. I liked how they talked me through the classrooms daily routines and showed me how to do certain things before throwing me into the deep end and letting me take a crack at it for myself. They were all super easy to talk to and they made me feel at home with them, which was a huge relief.

As my first week passed, I was put in various classrooms to cover lunch breaks for other members of staff. It was nice to get to know everyone, including those that I would not usually work with on a daily basis. It was also nice to see what it was like to work with different age groups and get to know more of the children at the nursery.

I am mainly based in the class of 2-3-year-olds, which I absolutely love. They are at that age where they really start to find their own personalities and develop their unique quirks. They challenge themselves and see how far they can push themselves on a daily basis and it is lovely to see how much they grow and flourish in such a short space of time. It has also been nice getting to know the parents of the children too!

In just four weeks I have built some lovely relationships with some of the children as well as with parents and staff members. I already feel like I am part of the incredible team that they have there.

The main thing that I love about my job, is the fact that every day is different. I never know what is going to happen when I reach the nursery doors in the morning. It is nice to finally look forward to going to work and coming home smiling, with lots of fun stories and memories to share with my partner, instead of coming home feeling miserable and full of complaints.

It is a huge change going from working 10 hours a week, to 10 hours a day! But you know what they say… when you find a job that you love; you will never work a day in your life.

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