Leeds Festival 2019

As some of you may know, I went to Leeds Festival yesterday (Sunday 25th August) with my fiance and four of our closest friends! The Sunday night headliners were Twenty One Pilots and Post Malone and we could not wait to see them live!

When Sunday morning arrived we all jumped up bright and early ready for the day ahead of us. Me and Bekka headed to the salon to have our hair done at 7:30 am then we met up with the others and went for a McDonald’s breakfast at 9:30 before setting off on our road trip to Leeds.

When we arrived at our hotel (The Britania Hotel) we paid for our pre-booked rooms and ordered two Ubers to take us to the festival. We did not have to wait long before they arrived. They were quoting us £30-40 from the hotel to the festival so we split into two groups of three so we could share the cost evenly. However, to our surprise, each Uber charged us £60-70!! We will be writing a complaint in the hope to be refunded considering our drivers took multiple wrong turns even though they have their own taxi stand at the festival and have been there many times before, and we were also dropped off miles down the road from the festival, making us walk the rest of the way and having to get a shuttle bus to the festival grounds. We were all very disappointed with the service we received and will not be using Uber again in the future… but enough of the negativity and on to the fun stuff!

Once we finally reached the festival and collected our, very cute, wristbands, we made our way to the arena to start watching all the incredible artists perform! The sun was beating down, everyone was dressed in bright colourful summer clothes and there was no need for wellies! The first stop that we made was at the bar for much-needed bottles of water and ice-cold Cola. We were able to refill our water bottles at various water taps throughout the festival grounds which was good… but the queues were always super long!

We then watched the beautiful, very talented 17-year-old Billie Eilish perform on the main stage. She was amazing live!
After that, we watched a couple of random acts who we didn’t really know very well but we were able to have a good dance and that is all that matters. We also made a quick food stop before heading back to the main stage. The food, as expected, was expensive and came in small portions. We had a small pizza and it cost £9.00! It was really nice… but not worth the price paid.

Soon it was time to watch Blossoms, Twenty One Pilots and Post Malone! We wriggled our way through the crowds to get a decent spot and got ready for the next three acts to take the stage. Blossoms were amazing, I will definitely be listening to them more in the future. Twenty One Pilots were incredible, beyond my expectations. They sang all of my favourite songs, they performed amazingly, they really do know how to put on a show! Interacting with the crowd, dancing on the stage, and setting off loads of fireworks at the end of their performance… just perfect! To top it off… Post Malone came onto the stage and surprised us by singing Don’t Look Back in Anger with them, the crowd went absolutely insane, it was such ana amazing moment.

Before we knew it, it was time for Post Malones set to start. We managed to get further into the crowd to join in with dancing more! We were not disappointed, the set was amazing from start to finish, from the upbeat songs to the slow songs and the guitar smashing songs… we loved every second!

Overall the festival was perfect, perfect weather, perfect music and the perfect company… but then we had to try and get taxis back to the hotel.

This was an absolute disaster. We were unable to leave the festival grounds as police were blocking pedestrians on all entrances and exits, the queue at the festival taxi rank was absolutely insane and there was no way we would be able to afford the taxi fare knowing we would be stuck in the festival car park for over an hour before actually getting anywhere. So we ended up sneaking through a gap in the fence and pushing our way through bushes and nettles to get onto the main road outside of the festival to try and call a taxi from there. When we got out we realised that the road was blocked at one end meaning if we called a taxi they would still need to go through the festival car park in order for them to turn around. This meant that we had no choice but to start walking up the road in the hope of finding houses or some form of building that we could order a taxi to.

We walked for over 2 miles before reaching a roundabout… but there were no buildings or houses in sight. It was the main roundabout connecting two motorways. We asked a police officer for some form of diretions but he said the nearest village was another 20-30 minutes up the road. We debated on Uber but decided after the nightmare we had getting there, we were not prepared to risk that again.
We then spotted a taxi that was pulled up at the side of the road and spoke to the driver. He said he would take as many as he could to the hotel for £45. After much debate and discussion, we decided this was our best option. So me, Jake, Bekka and Bella all got in the taxi, leaving the two Anthony’s behind. They began walking in the direction of the nearest village and when we arrived at the hotel, Jake got into his car and headed back out to pick them up (luckily none of us had been drinking at the festival!)

By the time we got back to the hotel it was 3 am, we were all super tired but nothing stopped us from laughing about how the night ended.

It was a night, with great people and I cannot wait for our next fun adventure.

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