Uber and Their Disgraceful Service

So some of you may have read my earlier post about Leeds Festival in which I briefly spoke about our shocking experience with using Uber for the first (and no doubt the last) time.

We drove an hour and a half to The Britania Hotel in Leeds where we would be staying after the festival, we planned on leaving the cars at the hotel and ordering Ubers to get us there. There was six of us so we ordered two Ubers which gave us the estimated price of £25-35 per cab.

We split into two groups of three, me and my fiance were in seperate groups. His cab arrived first so off he went. It wasn’t long before ours showed up too. We got in the cab and told the driver we were going to Leeds Fest at Bramham Park he put it in the satnav and we were on our way.

We started to realise he was not following the satnav and our journey was being extended by quite some time. He took numerous wrong turns, took the motorway for absolutely no reason and went down a road clearly stating ‘road ahead closed’ and to follow a different route for Leeds Fesfival. This meant we had to turn around and join the long queue of traffic on the other side of the road.

I was in the back of the cab and was beginning to have a panic attack due to the fact our driver was going the wrong way and I could see on Facebook by using messenger location with my fiance that we were moving miles away from where he was and where we were meant to be.

Eventually he drove down another closed off road and stopped the cab telling us if we got out now and walked up the road it would be a 5 minute walk to our destination. It was a 30 minute walk.

To make matters worse, we were charged £68 for our journey.

The other group said their driver also took multiple wrong turns and they were charged £57. They put a complaint in stating the traffic was worse than expected and the driver took wrong turns adding time to their trip; they received £30 refund.

We made a complaint for our trip and were denied a refund altogether despite being made to walk 30 minutes and having to pay £68 for a £30 trip. What was worse was that Uber have their own taxi stand at the festival so the drivers have no excuse for not knowing how to get there.

Our friends received a refund and they were dropped at the gate… We were denied a refund and had to walk half an hour in 30° heat to get to the destination our driver was meant to take us too. Absolutely appauling service; left me feeling very anxious and unsettled and worried about the cost it would be to get back to the hotel at the end of the festival, putting a dampener on my day.

None of us so will ever be using Uber again and we will be making sure we spread the word about our experiences. We will be taking it much further, papers and other outlets will be contacted.

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