Festival of Learning Month

September is Festival of Learning Month! Now, this is something that I have only recently heard of and I think it is a great idea and a great way of encouraging learning for people of all ages.

I am lead to believe that the festival of learning is where many businesses, charities, universities and local towns offer events and activities for people to come and get involved in, where they can learn new skills and talk about future opportunities.

I think this is a great idea, though many only offer their events to adults. I would encourage more companies to open their events up to all ages as this could be a great opportunity for fun learning experiences for children and teenagers too!

No matter how old we become, we are always learning new things, whether that be something about yourself, about a friend or family member, something about the world around us, the job we are in, or a brand new skill! Learning has no limitations. So if you see any events or activities taking place near you, give them a try! Learn something new and pass what you know onto others. Learning is a great way of not only increasing your knowledge but also bringing people together. Learning encourages people to talk about what they know, which can open up huge discussions and debates, not only are you listening to a teacher, but you are also sharing what you know and others are too, which maximises your learning! Sitting and reading a book can also be a great learning experience… but discussing that book with people afterwards increases that knowledge and can often give you a new perspective on the topic too!

My local library often holds events based on various topics for people of all ages. Some of these may be based on a specific book, or they may look at a certain point in history to discuss, or what our local town used to be like many years ago; with some people being able to offer personal memories of those times! It is all fascinating and quite fun to be a part of. Yes, this knowledge may not benefit me in any way for the future, but it is still nice to have and it is still something new that you can discuss with others.

So share what you know, listen to others and keep on learning.

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