Sweater Weather

Those chilly mornings have settled in, the dark nights sitting by the fire have arrived, the smell of damp fallen leaves is filling the air and the need for pumpkin spiced lattes is well and truly back! That can only mean one thing… Autumn is well and truly underway.

Autumn may not be everyone’s favourite time of year, having to wrap up warm in layers upon layers of clothing and waking up early in the morning for work and being greeted by darkness doesn’t exactly scream ‘fun’! But for me, Autumn is much more than the frosty weather and dark mornings.

I love throwing on a pair of comfy leggings with an oversized knitted jumper or a cosy hoodie this time of year. I always feel comfy and relaxed wearing sweaters and accessorising with a nice scarf! I love making hot drinks in my travel mug, ready to head out into the cold. I love those cute coffee dates and cosy car journeys with the heater on full whack, singing along to our favourite songs. I love watching as the leaves turn brown, orange, yellow and red as they begin to fall from the trees. I love Halloween and bonfire night, making plans with friends and family for fun days out and cosy nights in… the list could go on and on, but I think you get the gist!

I used to be a fan of those dark mornings, not having to rush to be anywhere and snuggling into my duvet to get some more sleep feeling cosy and content… but now my alarm goes off at 5 am and it is a struggle to drag myself from my toastie bed!
And although I enjoy bonfire night with friends… I do not like how people set fireworks off for numerous nights before and after the 5th!

When sweater weather arrives, I can’t help but feel excited for Christmas too! I know we are still two months away… but it is my favourite time of the year and I just love how it is sneaking up on us! Soon I will be Christmas shopping and eating yummy winter treats, making hot chocolates and waiting patiently for a delicious roast dinner!

Last year I went pumpkin picking for the very first time and I cannot wait to go again this year! There will definitely be a post all about it at some point this month… make sure to send me your pumpkin picking pictures!

What do you love and hate about sweater weather?

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