BYTE Night 2019

This is the first time that I have heard about BYTE Night, so I imagine that there are quite a few people who are unfamiliar with it; so I thought writing this post would be a nice way to raise awareness and hopefully encourage more people to take part in this amazing event next year… I sure know I will!

BYTE Night is an annual event that takes place in October in which thousands of people take to the street, sleeping rough to raise money for Action for Children and also to raise awareness of the homelessness issue that we still have, here in the UK.

First of all, Action For Children support people in various situations and not just those who are homeless or who are at risk of losing their home. They support parents and families to ensure that children have the best start in life, the support children and young people who are going through the fostering and adoption process, they support children and families who are battling with mental health conditions and much more! They are a very important charity who care very much about helping families, new parents, children and young people to have a better life. But in order to do this, they need to continue to raise enough money for their services as there are still thousands of people out there in need of help and right now they have nowhere that they can turn to without being hit with a waiting list as a result of poor funding.

BYTE Night is a huge fundraiser that is held across various cities in the UK to help raise awareness of homelessness, as well as raising money for Action for Children. Those who choose to take part are agreeing to raise a minimum of £500 per person to go towards the incredible cause. Now, this figure may seem daunting, but Action for Children provides many helpful fundraising resources to guide you and support you through the process. The majority of people who take part exceed the £500 goal!

October is a very cold time of the year, yet the UK sees over 320,000 people sleeping rough (either on the street, in their cars or on public transport, or in temporary accommodation). These figures are shocking. No one should have to face such trauma. So why not help an amazing cause by raising money to help them continue their work in supporting people who are experiencing difficult times?

Check out Action for Children’s website here and more about their BYTE Night event here! Action for Children also host other amazing fundraising events that people can get involved in, so please be sure to check out their fundraising page on their website to see if any of the other events catch your eye.

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