Teachers Day: Activities for Autumn

As you all know, I work full time as a nursery practitioner at Scarisbrick Hall School, working with 1-3-year-olds. I absolutely love my job, and love how each new season brings a new range of fun activities to do with the children. So I thought it would be nice to write a post in regards to Teachers Day and Blogtober… by combining the two and writing about fun Autumn-themed activities to do with children!

These activities can be done with a range of ages as well as by parents, caregivers, babysitters and teachers! And not all of them are messy!

Autumn brings with it a lot of natural resources that can be used during play. For example, leaves in shades of red, brown, orange and yellow, acorns, pinecones and conkers! So why not go on a treasure hunt? You can take a small bag or basket out with you on an Autumn walk and collect some items to take home, this could be turned into a fun competition to see who can find the biggest conker or the brightest leaf?

On top of the treasure hunt, you can spread the activity over a course of days by using the resources that have been collected for other activities such as leaf printing…

Leaf Printing:
This activity is a very common one in schools and is much loved! Not only is it popular, but it is also super easy!
First, you need to find some fallen leaves and collect them, they could be small, large, perfectly intact or broken, it really doesn’t matter!
Then, choose a range of paints, they do not have to be autumn coloured, anything works! Simply paint one side of the leaves and press them against a piece of paper or card of your choice. Then, slowly and carefully peel the leaf away from the paper to reveal your beautiful print!

Conker Rolling:
Use the conkers that you have collected to create fun, colourful pieces of art. Simply place a piece of paper or card in the bottom of a deep cooking tray or plastic box, cover your conkers in paint of your choice, place them in the tray and tilt the tray in various directions to make your conker roll around and spread the paint around! Each picture is bound to be unique and fun to create.

Autumn Themed Collages:
You can get extra creative with the items you have collected, or just with collage pieces such as tissue paper, washi tape, stickers and string, by making collage pictures. For example, you could paint your hand with brown paint, press it onto the paper and then use different coloured tissue paper to glues around the fingertips to create leaves! Or you could use a strip of card, to glue various pieces to and create an Autumn crown. The possibilities are endless if you let your imagination run wild.

Conker Fighting (for the older ones!)
This is an old classic, I used to love playing this as a kid. For this you need, conkers, a screwdriver and string or shoelaces.
You have to make a hole through the centre of a conker using the screwdriver, put the string through the hole and make a knot at one side. Do this to two conkers, one per player. Then you are ready for battle! You can find the game rules here!

The list of activities is endless! It just takes a little bit of imagination and creativity to get the ball rolling.

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