Mental Health Day

This may not be the post that people were expecting me to post today… As I have decided to have a little bit of a rant about Mental Health Day.

I am sure you are all well aware that I am all for raising awareness in regards to mental health! I will share educational posts, personal posts, write fact files, talk to anyone and everyone about mental health and I will never judge anyone! But I have to say that there are certain things about mental health day that really wind me up.

First of all I want to say that I love the idea of mental health day… there are many incredible charities and companies out there who do an amazing job at raising awareness all year round and host excellent campaigns and share extra resources on mental health day and I have a very high level of respect for them! However, what annoys me are the people who tweet using the mental health day hashtags about always being there for people and how sad it is when someone takes their own life… yet you do not see them talking about mental health or supporting mental health charities any other time throughout the year. I have seen people who have bullied others, threatened them, made jokes at the expense of people with mental health conditions… write posts about how they will never judge anyone for their mental health, they will always be there to listen to people, or share a post about a life lost to suicide saying things such as ‘why did they not speak out…’
Yet they have brought so much distress, hatred and judgement to the lives of many people… myself included! I was bullied in school and I have since seen those people share posts like this on a day like today and then go back to being cruel to others the day after. It is wrong.

I have also seen multiple adverts on the TV over the last couple of days leading up to mental health day; showing people that it is okay to speak out, it is okay not to be okay… but where are these adverts all year round? Why are we only seeing them once a year when mental health affects the lives of millions of people every second of every day.

We should be talking about mental health every day. We should be teaching children and young people about mental health in schools and showing people that it is okay to talk, it is okay to ask for help and it is okay not to be okay. We should be sharing all of the resources that we know, guiding people in the right direction to get the help and support that they need!

Anyway… that is what is on my mind today.

If you see someone struggling, if you think someone is going through a tough time, reach out to them, be kind and support them. You never truly know what they are going through.

This year the theme for mental health day is suicide and suicide prevention, so I shall leave you with a link to a previous post of mine. Please do not be ashamed to ask for help; you are not alone, people are there to help you, millions of people out there understand what you are going through and everything will be okay.

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