Thinking Ahead to Christmas

I love Christmas! Now I know it is only October and that Halloween comes first, but Christmas will be here before we know it, and I am so excited!
This year could be a little bit different for me and Jake as we are now living with two of our closest friends (Anthony and Bella). I can’t wait to decorate the house together and cosy up watching Christmas movies on the sofa. But as far as Christmas Day plans go, we are yet to decide on what to do…

Usually, me and Jake spend Christmas Eve together as we go out for drinks with friends, we spend Christmas Day separately with our families and then he comes to my mum’s house on Boxing Day for dinner and drinking games. Last year was the first Christmas that we both spent Christmas Day together, as we went to Jakes Grandad’s for dinner with the family for the first Christmas without Nannie Mag. It was a really lovely day, we reminisced about old times, we laughed and we cried. Despite it being a great day, it still felt a little bit strange for me as it was the first Christmas that I had not spent with my own family.

This year we need to decide if we are doing our own things on Christmas Day or if we are making dinner ourselves in our home! Part of me thinks that making our own dinner would be really nice and we can still visit our own families during the day or after dinner… or we could invite them over for evening drinks!

When did you first start having Christmas Day Dinner in your own home? How did it feel to break usual traditions?

I am already planning my gift ideas for everyone, especially Jake, Anthony and Bella – but I won’t go into details as they may very well read this post!

Many places are already selling and promoting Christmas products and I cannot help but stop to take a look! H&M Home have some beautiful Christmas products at the moment; I recently visited the Liverpool store and made a mental note to go back nearer the time for some lovely Christmassy Items… here are some of my favourite finds:

This stunning faux fur blanket screams Winter! It was super soft and cosy and would be perfect for those cold evenings by the fire watching TV. It does come in at quite a high price of £59.99… but it was a lovely quality and it is an item that will get a lot of use out of it if it is looked after. 

I do love this blanket, the colours are really pretty and it would be super warm and snuggly!

The second item that I fell in love with was this adorable plushie penguin! This little guy stands up on his own and is just super cute. Imagine opening the front door and being greeted by this little fellow. I am hugely tempted to purchase one of these as a Christmas decoration, although they could easily stay out all year round if you were a lover of penguins. They cost £17.99 and they are not massive so will not take up too much space… and they are bound to make people smile! You can find yours here

The third item was a very sweet Winter themed cushion. This could be used all year round as it is not necessarily Christmassy! It is a white and grey cushion which would look lovely as a couch cushion or on your bed! The pattern on the cushion is of a forest with adorable deers on it.  They are priced at just £3.99 and you can find yours here!

Another favourite find of mine was this adorable polar bear Christmas stocking, priced at £12.99! That may sound a little bit on the pricey side, however the material and the quality of this item were beautiful and it was a decent size for all of those stocking fillers! I love how this stocking doesn’t just have a polar bear printed onto it, it is made from white faux fur with an adorable polar bear face design on it. It was super soft and looks really cute too! You can purchase one here!


Those of you who know me will know that I love getting new mugs! So when I came across this sweet Christmas mug, I couldn’t help but add it to my mental wish list. This mug has a simple, yet cute design of a polar bear wearing a Christmas jumper on it and is priced at £3.99! You can find yours here! They also have brown bear designs! 


Lastly, I found a very cute porcalein plate with gold stars and planets on with the writing ‘make a wish come true’ written across it, priced at £3.99! I will definitely be going back to purchase this along with the matching bowl and possibly the matching mug too! It would be perfect to use all year round as well as for putting out mince pies and biscuits for Santa on Christmas Eve! You can find yours here


So that concludes my ‘Thinking Ahead to Christmas’ blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. I would love to hear what you are looking forward to the most in regards to Christmas and what stores have you spotted some cute Christmas items in this year? I would love to check them out!

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