My Wish List This Year

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! Until I see all the pretty gift sets and cute winter clothes and I have to narrow everything down to create a wish list.

One thing that I definitely want this year is the new two in one straight and curl by Remington. It is a straightener that can also be used to curl your hair. You can make pretty waves or tight curls or straighten your hair! Jake has bought this for me and it currently torturing me as I am not allowed to use it until Christmas day, but I am so excited to give it a try.

I recently had my Pandora bracelet cleaned and it looks brand new again! I currently have 16 charms on my bracelet and my colour theme is pink. I would love a new charm for my bracelet as it will soon be full. I adore the new Disney charms and hope to add those to it in future; the Piglet, Tigger and Pooh Bear ones as two of them have little bits of pink on them. But I would love a surprise charm as I have picked the majority of my charms myself already.

A cute ceramic mug with a lid on it! I posted one of these in yesterdays posts as a gift idea for ‘her’. I am forever forgetting that I have made a brew and discovering it has gone cold, so a mug with a lid would help someone like me. The one pictured here has a tea strainer inside too!

Anything from Jack Wills!! I absolutely love this brand and they always have incredible gift sets for Christmas. Boots have so many different ones and I love them all!

Everyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for cuddly toys and cute personalised things! I recently saw this adorable reindeer plushie in New Look that can be personalised with your name on… It is just adorable.

I also love new clothes so gift vouchers for stores such as New Look or H&M always go down a treat! I have my eye on a cute Teddy Jacket in New Look at the moment and I am hoping to purchase it for myself after Christmas.

I also need a new perfume! Well… need is a strong word. I have a lot of perfumes, but I lost one of my favourite bottles at a hotel in Liverpool a couple of months ago and I would love for it to be replaced. It was a perfume called ‘Babe Power’ by Misguided and it was in a cute can-shaped bottle and smelt delicious. The same brand has a perfume called ‘Boss Babe’ too and it is so nice! They have adorable little gift sets with cute keyrings or jewellery.

I can’t think of anything else, though I am sure Jake has picked up on all the little things I have said and pointed out over the last few weeks 🙈

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