Favourite Festive Memories

I remember receiving a doll for Christmas when I was little… I had many different dolls over the years, Baby Annabell’s and Baby Borns… but none of them were ever as incredible as this one. This doll was called Amazing Amy and she came with a large accessory pack with a change of clothes and loads of different food items. She had a tiny heart on her chest which told me her stats, such as her temperature. Her nappy clipped on and off and she knew when she had been changed! She would talk and say what food she wanted to eat and say thank you when you gave it to her. She also knew what food you gave her and would say ‘yummy peas’ or ‘yuck not carrots’ and I would always be fascinated by how she knew.

This doll has stuck in my memory as it was by far one of the best toys I ever had as a child. I would play with her every single day, take her out with me and look after her as if she was real. I honestly don’t think a better doll has been made since Amazing Amy was released in 1998. You can still buy Amazing Amy online, but she comes in rather pricey at £45-50 without any accessories! You can buy individual food pieces but they are coming up at £15-20 per piece… insane prices! Have to say I am a little bit gutted that I got rid of mine as it would have made me a fortune now, especially with the number of accessories that I had with her.

In 2007, my Grandad Norman passed away. When Christmas came around, nothing felt the same. No one was truly in the Christmas spirit, but we went about our day as we would any other year. When we arrived at my Grandma’s for our Christmas dinner, we all sat around the table and waited patiently for all the plates to be dished out before digging in. Conversations were minimal and there were many moments of silence. But then, just as we were about to tuck into our delicious dinner, my mum threw a piece of meat from her plate, over her shoulder and shouted ‘Here you are dogs!’ and suddenly the silence was broken as the room erupted into laughter as that is exactly what my Grandad did every year! It was nice to reminisce, and after my mum did that, the conversations started to flow a little bit more! We shared memories, we played games, we laughed and we cried. It was a very emotional Christmas Day, but one I will remember for all of the right reasons.

In 2016, I woke up on Christmas morning to one of the most incredible surprises that I have ever received.
Jacob surprised me with an engagement ring! I was definitely not expecting him to pop the question any time soon so it certainly caught me off guard. Through floods of happy tears I, of course, said yes. I couldn’t wait to show my friends and family, especially my mum, my dad, my grandma and my best friend Molly. But it turned out that my mum and dad knew that the engagement was going to happen as Jake had asked my dad for permission to propose a few weeks earlier! Family is so important to me so having their approval meant so much. I can definitely say that I was on cloud nine for quite some time after the holidays that year!

What are some of your favourite festive memories? Share them with me in the comments below or over on one of my social media pages!

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