This Year Will Be Different

This year me and Jake will be waking up on Christmas morning in our own home with two of our closest friends. It will be strange not being just the two of us like it has been over the last three years, but I am excited nonetheless.

We have made the house feel so cosy and Christmassy between the four of us and we have all got a Christmas stocking hung up neatly on the fireplace. We have decided that we will open our stocking presents on Christmas Eve and then have breakfast together and open up our main presents on Christmas Day! After we have opened presents, we are all going our own ways for dinner. Me and Jake are having dinner with his mum’s side of the family and then heading to his dads for the night to play games and have a few drinks. Anthony and Bella are going to his mums for dinner.

Then on Boxing Day, my mum has invited all of us to her house for a Christmassy buffet and games! I am so excited for this as there will be more people there this year and more fun to be had!

I am a little bit disappointed that we are not making Christmas Day dinner in our own little home this year as a group of friends, but I understand that Anthony wants to share the day with Bella and his family as it is Bella’s first Christmas here!

I can’t wait for the day that me and Jake have our own place and we can invite people over for dinner with us. Our own little Christmas! Though it is scary how fast we are growing up; in March 2020, it will be 9 years since me and Jake got together! Absolutely crazy to think about.

So although this year may be a little bit different, I am sure it will still be amazing!
How do you spend your Christmas Holidays?

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