Hot Chocolate Toppings

I love a good hot chocolate every now and again… but what toppings are the best to use when making a cup of hot cocoa?

I ran a handful of polls over on my Instagram page to see what hot chocolate toppings people preferred. Here are the results:

Homemade whipped cream or canned squirty cream?
42% chose handmade and 58% chose canned.

Marshmallows or Sprinkles?
83% said marshmallows and 17% said sprinkles.

Should fruit be used as a topping?
57% said yes and 43% said no.

I have to say I was surprised that more people preferred squirty cream over handmade whipped cream! Yes, it is much quicker and easier to make, but handmade whipped cream is absolutely delicious!

I was pleasantly surprised how many people said yes to using fruit as a hot chocolate topping, as I was not expecting it to have a positive response!

I love whipped cream and marshmallows as a hot chocolate topping. It is the standard, go-to topping! However, when I make hot chocolate at home I also add sprinkles and chopped up strawberries! Yep, that’s right… I add all of the toppings together to create the perfect hot cocoa. I ended up having to make five of these so all of my housemates could have one too!

I love a good hot chocolate and I am a huge Costa fan, as I am sure many of you know! I recently tried one of their festive hot cocoa’s ‘Gingerbread and Cream’ and it was delicious! My favourite Christmas order at Costa is usually a Gingerbread Latte… but now that they have Gingerbread Hot Chocolates the game has definitely been changed!

I am hoping to make a mint hot chocolate for everyone nearer to Christmas, as I love mint flavoured chocolates! I thought I could top them with handmade whipped cream, Christmassy sprinkles and mini candy canes! I will be sure to share the outcome if I get round to making them!

What are your favourite hot chocolate toppings and flavours? Let me know in the comments below!

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