Christmas Cards: Do People Still Send Them?

Christmas is expensive at the best of times, but when you add in the cost of buying Christmas cards and posting them, it can really be harsh on your bank account!

Yesterday I purchased my family cards:
Mum and Dad

These five cards cost me £6.00, I then bought a box of assorted Christmas cards to be sent to friends, this cost £2.50!
The family cards can be handed out in person, but the friend’s cards need to be sent out in the post… costing more money still. Posting a small letter first-class costs 70p with larger letters costing between £1.06 – £2.72 (UK prices) and that is not taking into account international shipping. To be fair, 70p to send a card is not a lot of money… unless you are sending over ten and then it starts to add up considerably.

Do people even buy and send Christmas cards anymore? I see card shops heaving with customers at this time of the year, but are they buying cards? Or are they buying the likes of wrapping paper and stocking filler presents?
Nowadays people can send cute picture/video messages via text or social media to their loved ones with attached Christmas wishes. We also have websites such as Funkypigeon and Moonpig that allow us to make personalised cards and gifts without leaving the comfort of our own homes (although these tend to be pricier than buying standard cards from a card shop or supermarket)

I think I have come up with a cheap and cheerful solution for next year. Instead of buying normal cards, I am going to order collage pictures from BootsPhoto website. These cost between 15p – 30p per picture and you can add as many photographs to the collage as you like. You can also add clipart pictures with messages on them, so essentially it would be like creating a Christmas postcard. I could write a message on the back of the image and put it in an envelope! I use this site a lot when I want to print photographs for my scrapbook so I know it is a very reliable and reasonably priced service.

A friend of mine likes to hand-make her Christmas cards, which is so sweet as I think it adds more sentiment. I would love to hand-make my cards as I love anything to do with arts and crafts, but I know I would end up spending more money on craft pieces than I would have done on normal cards… which would defeat the object of saving money!

I would love you hear your thoughts on Christmas cards, so, please feel free to leave a comment below! Are cards just a money-making scam from marketing companies? Are there better alternatives to buying and posting cards?

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