General Election 2019 – My Thoughts

So yesterday people woke up to the news that the Conservative Party had won the general election, meaning that Boris Johnson is now in charge of our country. This has caused quite the divide between the people… some woke up over the moon with the news and others woke up saddened and also scared about their future.

Before I go into my personal thoughts and views, I am going to add a couple of points from both manifestos of the Labour Patry and the Conservative Party.

The Labour Party’s Manifesto (You can find it in full here!)

  1. To increase the health care budget by 4.3% and to cut the privatisation of the NHS.
  2. A second referendum of Brexit – Jeremy Corbyn (labour party leader) promises to come up with a deal in regards to Brexit within the next three months, and will hold a second referendum within the next six months which will determine whether or not we make that deal or we remain within the EU.
  3. Raise the minimum wage from £8.21 to £10 in the aim to tackle in-work poverty.
  4. Stop the state pension age from rising, keeping it at 66 and reviewing the retirement age for those working in stressful and arduous jobs.
  5. Creating a national care service providing community-based and person-centred care and support in England, including free personal care.
  6. Scrap universal credit and replace it with a new benefits system.
  7. Plans to scrap tuition fees and bring back maintenance grants for the poorest students.
  8. Free bus travel for people under the age of 25 as well as stopping driver-only trains and instead, keeping other staff members on board keeping the public safe.
  9. EU nationals in the UK will be given the right to stay and will not need to apply in order to continue living and working in the country.
  10. To build 100,000 new homes per year as well as investing £250 billion into the improvements of current UK homes (£9,300 per household)

Please be sure to look at the full manifesto as the Labour Party touch on many other important factors such as animal welfare and the environment.

The Conservative Party’s Manifesto (You can find it in full here!)

  1. To increase the number of nurses by 50,000 and reintroduce maintenance grants for student nurses.
  2. To leave the EU in January 2020.
  3. No income tax, national insurance or VAT increases.
  4. Pensions will rise by 2.5% per year – keeping the ‘triple lock’ policy which means that pensions will rise by CPI measure of inflation, wage growth or by 2.5% each year.
  5. A cross-party consensus on care will be built – Promises to fix the crisis in adult social care, stating that no one will have to sell their home in order to pay for care.
  6. Spending £6.3 billion on disadvantaged homes. Such as adding better insulation.
  7. Creating a point-bases system in regards to immigration. Meaning we will let fewer unskilled immigrants into our country.
  8. Continue to roll out universal credits and aim to reduce poverty through changes in tax benefits and lessen the number of assessments that people with disabilities go through in order to claim such benefits.
  9. Create 250,000 more childcare spaces and to help parents by making childcare available during the school holidays.
  10. To continue with the current freeze of student fees at the cost of £9,200 per year. And plan to review the interest fees on student loans again.

Again there are many more points to look at in the full manifesto linked above so do be sure to check that out. Especially now that this is the manifesto that will fall into play in the new year.

My Thoughts

I voted for Labour. I did not vote for Jeremy Corbyn… I voted for the Labour Party and their manifesto.

I strongly believe that the country would have benefitted more from the manifesto that the Labour Party had presented, by upping the minimum wage, scrapping the controversial benefit known as universal credit and putting a better system in place that would help those who need it, by cutting the privatisation of the NHS and by improving houses and creating new, affordable ones… the list goes on.

For me, my main concern is the NHS. This is something that each and every one of us relies on. We all get sick at some point in our lives and we all need medications, doctors appointments and sometimes emergency care… imagine if we had to pay for all of that?

Most of us already have to pay for our prescriptions (£9.00 per item) which is a lot of money if you are in a low paying job, paying bills and have children to feed.
But imagine you had to pay for a doctors appointment… in the USA a single doctors appointment costs $100 – $200, this would be £75 – £150 in the UK. That is just for a consultation. Now imagine they need to send you to hospital and you need surgery. Let’s look at the cost of having your appendix removed as an example: the cost of this surgery on average is $33,000 but this can range as high as $200,000 in some parts of the USA and depending on the level of aftercare you need. This could cost (at the average price) £22,500. However, if you were in need of further care and were unlucky enough to fall into the higher paying bracket this could cost £150,000!

And on the current minimum wage of £8.21 an hour… I see a lot of people struggling when it comes to health care.

My fear is not being able to afford to have children. Not in the sense that I cannot afford to put food on the table or clothing on their backs, but in the regards to the health bill costs when it comes to maternity appointments, scans and of course giving birth!

My other reasons for voting for Labour include the fact that Boris Johnson is the leader of the Conservative Party.

Now I know that I said in my first post that it is important to vote for the manifesto and not for the person in charge, and that is what I did, as I do believe Labour had the better manifesto for the future. However, Boris Johnson has shown racist and discriminatory behaviour and this is not a person I would like to be in charge of our country. A leader should not be someone who discriminates against people based on the colour of their skin, their religious views, their sexuality or their gender. A leader should be on everyone’s side, they should be fighting for a better country for everyone who lives here, no matter how much money they have or what their background is. Yet Boris Johnson only seems to care about the rich, the white British citizens and men over women.

Not only this but before the general election, Boris hid away from the public in order to avoid their questions as he simply had no answers for them. This is not a strong leader. A strong leader will face those questions head-on or at least say to the public that he cannot answer their questions at this moment in time… but no, he hid in a fridge in order to escape them.

I am not confident in the future of this country while it is under his power, but there is nothing that anyone can do about this now. So, it is time to sit back and see what he can and cannot do for this country. We can only hope for the best… but prepare for the worst.

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