Christmas Short Story

Our first Christmas without you. How has it been eight months since you passed away? The house still feels so empty without you running around and getting under our feet. It still feels strange not hearing you bark whenever the post comes through the letterbox.

Christmas was always fun with you around. I could never open a present on my own without you coming along and tearing away at it with your paws, it would always make me laugh.

I would always save you some delicious turkey smothered in my mums homemade gravy. You would sit patiently in your bed until I called for you. You were such a good girl.

We were honoured to have spent sixteen beautiful Christmas’s with you. You brought nothing but joy, love and happiness from the day you first came home with us at a tiny eight weeks old to the day we said goodbye to you on your seventeenth birthday.

I woke up on Christmas morning without being jumped on and having my face licked to death and feeling your fluffy face against mine. I’ve been so lonely without you.

I headed into the living room and I put on a smile. I opened up all of my gifts, they were beautiful! New clothes, stunning diamond earrings, cosy slippers and new fleece pyjamas. Everything was just the same as last year, family all around, the smell of the roast dinner cooking filling the room, the sound of Christmas crackers being pulled, laughter and love… but it wasn’t the same without having you by my side.

Then my mum tapped me on the shoulder and whispered ‘I have another gift for you sweetheart’ and she walked away. I followed behind her filled with curiosity and a little bit confused as to why she hadn’t given it to me in front of everyone.

We walked into my bedroom and there was a big box in the middle of the floor, wrapped but not sealed. I walked over to the mysterious parcel and knelt down beside it, I looked up at my mum as I took off the lid. When I glanced down my heart melted away as this beautiful little creature stared back at me. Two big blue eyes glistening, a tiny pink tongue sticking out of the side of its mouth, and a small but super fast wagging tail! I couldn’t hold in my emotions and I instantly began to cry as I lifted it from the box.

It was a beautiful Dalmatian puppy! She looked just like you did when you were that small. I named her after you! Little Panda was absolutely adorable.

She filled the hole that I carried in my heart since the day I lost you. I didn’t feel alone anymore. I will never ever forget you, you were my very best friend! But I can’t wait to make new memories with Panda and show her all of your favourite places and pass some of your toys on to her… that’s right, I kept them all!

My mum explained to me how Panda is from the same breeders as you! The two of you are related somewhere along the line, no wonder she reminds me so much of you.

This was definitely a Christmas to remember. Merry Christmas Pandora, I hope you’re happy up there and have an endless amount of slippers to chew!

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