A Letter to Santa

Many think that it is silly for me to be writing this letter to you, seeing as I am 23-years-old and no longer a child. People laugh and say things such as ‘you know he isn’t real, right?’ I mean, I am not stupid. Of course, I know that there is no Santa Claus soaring through the sky in a shiny red sleigh. But I do believe in the magic of Christmas. I am full of Christmas cheer and I believe that miracles can happen…

I mainly write this letter for myself; a way of letting out my thoughts and feelings about the things happening around me.

I love Christmas and I am excited to celebrate it a little bit differently this year; with friends and family and new people who only came into my life earlier this year! However, hidden behind the Christmas cheer and celebratory smiles, there is a fear deep inside of me… a fear about the future.

We recently had a general election here in the UK and the party who won by majority vote was the Conservatives. There were multiple issues with the voting; people being turned away from polling stations, some people were given incorrect ballot papers, resulting in their votes being invalidated and much more. Many people woke the next morning to the news that we are now under a conservative government, run by Boris Johnson… and it is safe to say that they were hurt, upset and somewhat scared for their future.

Under this government, England will be leaving the EU in January 2020 and no one fully understands what that means for us going forward. Not only will this be happening, but the NHS is slowly becoming privatised; people are already being turned away from hospitals and doctors surgeries, there are huge waiting lists for certain forms of treatment, many important medications are running short across the country, NHS staff are working ridiculously long hours, on terrible pay and are being pushed beyond breaking point… how much worse is this going to get?

I suppose worrying about these sort of things is never going to change the outcome of them. So we just need to hope for the best and prepare for the worst I guess; taking every day as it comes.

What I would really like to ask for this year, or to wish for, is for humanity to be better. We see so much negativity each and every day. People purposely hurting other people, children living on the streets, going hungry, wars happening all over the world, racism, discrimination and so much more. Some places have laws against who you are allowed to love! It is 2019, almost 2020; when are things going to get better? When are we going to start treating each other with respect and equality? Why is the world going backwards rather than moving forward?

Please, whoever is reading this, help to make these changes happen. If we all change a little bit, the world could be a much better place.

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