Winter Essentials

I am not much of a make-up person, so if you have come here for beauty-related essentials, you are definitely in the wrong place.
I am more of a wrap up warm, using moisturiser and lip balm kind of person! So here are some of my Winter essentials!

I love coats, jackets and cardigans… I would collect them all if it were humanly possible. So having some good, cute, outerwear pieces are essential over the winter period. Here are some of my favourite Winter pieces this year:

This cute Teddy Jacket from New Look is super soft and cosy. Though not great for the rainy weather, it is nice to wear on those cold and icy days. This jacket cost me £25.99 and it is my favourite item of clothing that I have purchased this Winter.

This is a jacket that works very well over leggings or jeans, not so well when paired with skirts or dresses!

Another one of my favourite outerwear pieces, is this lovely pale grey, longline cardigan. I got this last year for Christmas, though it is still available in New Look at the moment and it is currently on offer for just £12.99! This cardigan goes well with so many different outfits, it is thick and cosy, great for those chilly days when a big Winter coat is a little bit too much!

Lip balms! Lip balms are a godsend during the Winter. I am a personal fan of Nivea lip balms more than the popular brand, vaseline. I love both their chapsticks and their lip balm tins as they are all very moisturising and gentle on the lips. Great for those with sensitive skin. I love the lightly tinted balms that they have, especially the baby pink Raspberry Rose one! It smells delicious and leaves a nice subtle tint of colour on your lips too!

I do not tend to wear gloves (though I do like mittens!), however, I do love to wear scarves. I have quite the collection of scarves, but my favourite ones are my large checked ones. I like how these can be used as scarves, wraps or even as a blanket… perfect to wear to the cinema as you can cosy up by using it as a blanket whilst you watch the movie! My pink checked Jack Wills scarf is one of my favourite ones. I received this as a Christmas present two-three years ago and it is still a much loved and well-worn piece of mine.

Hand creams! My hands can become quite dry and sore when we hit the colder month, but that is nothing that a good moisturising cream can’t fix. I have multiple hand creams, some that stay at home and others that I keep in my most-used handbags. My favourite hand cream is cocoa butter hand cream, made by Creightons. This always leaves my hands feeling super soft and moisturised and you only need to use a very small amount. Another favourite of mine is the Cath Kidston hand creams as they smell lovely and they definitely do the trick! They also come in the cutest little tubes.

Flavoured teas and hot chocolate mix! I am not much of a hot beverage drinker, however, in the Winter I do like to have the odd one here and there. I try to steer away from caffeine, so I tend to buy a lot of fruit flavoured teas as many of these are naturally caffeine-free! I love berry flavours, they are perfect for the winter, they warm you up, they taste delicious and they smell divine. I buy a lot of my fruit teas from Aldi as they are tasty and cheap! Most of their fruit teas cost just 75p for a box of 40 teabags!

As for hot chocolate, I love to make these with whipped cream and marshmallows and curl up on the couch to watch a Christmas film! I buy a tub of Cadbury’s hot chocolate and make them with hot milk for the perfect chocolately blend! Although, the tub says three teaspoons of powder make the perfect cup, but I find that you need 4-5 spoons if you want it to have that lovely chocolate flavouring.

So these are just a few of my Winter essentials (minus the hot water bottles and earmuffs!) I would love to know about some of your Winter essentials; so leave a comment below and let me know!

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