Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve this year was a crazy, yet fun one!

We stayed up the night before until it hit midnight, watching Christmas films with each other and playing board games. As soon as the clock struck twelve we each handed out our Christmas Stockings as we had decided that these would be opened on Christmas Eve!

The stockings were full of lovely gifts… some funny and insulting and others that were kind and thoughtful! It felt so heartwarming sharing this moment with my fiance and two of our closest friends. We were all laughing and smiling and it just felt magical!

I love how we all used different wrapping papers and made the gifts unique!

I bought Jacob Santa shorts and matching hat along with some chocolates for his stocking, I got chocolates and a pot of pink face clay for Bella and I got Anthony some chocolate Carrots (as they relate to a household joke) and a Nivea gift set for men.
Bella put matching items in both of the boy’s stockings… it is safe to say their stockings had a running theme! She bought them each a pack of the worlds smallest condoms, a rainbow knitted willy warmer and an eggplant stress ball! They found these gifts highly amusing… until Jake was hit in the eye with said eggplant!

Jake bought books for Anthony and Bella, they were very thoughtful books, with lovely, charming titles. Anthony received ‘A Book for a Cunt’ and Bella received a notebook with ‘Basically, I couldn’t be Arsed, Merry Fucking Christmas’ written on the front. They both found this very funny and Anthony loved reading all of the hilarious sayings and insults in his book.

I received a very cute ‘magic notebook’ with a wand-shaped pencil from Anthony, a cute Lush shower soap from Bella and a Grow Your Own Sloth from Jacob! Three of my favourite things, writing, Lush products and Sloths! I couldn’t wait to put my sloth into a mug full of water and watch him grow.

We all loved our gifts and it made us all very excited for Christmas morning!

After our stocking presents had been opened we headed off to bed! As when we wake up it will be Christmas Eve and we had plans to go out for drinks with friends!

Everyone arrived at ours for 7:30pm and more gifts were exchanged and opened. I got a beautiful Lion King bag from Wesley and a Mrs Pots teapot set from Louis. I love how everyone knows my love for Disney!

After opening our gifts we started the drinking games! We played a new version of Ring Of Fire as Jake received the card game in his Stocking from Anthony, then we moved onto Picalo App! Before we knew it we reached 9pm and it was time to get taxi’s into town to carry on our party there! It is safe to say I was rather merry before we had even left the house…

When we got into Ormskirk we went straight to Wetherspoons or more drinks before heading to The Golden Lion for a bit of a sing and a dance. I was amazed by the prize of their pink Gins; £3.20 for a double… so I had three of them!

Then we moved on to Styles Bar, where we stayed for the rest of the night! They had a new DJ who wasn’t quite as good as their usual guy as he didn’t play a single Christmas song all night! Other than Fairytale Of New York when the clock hit midnight and everyone shouted IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!

It was such a fun-filled night with great company! And it was definitely worth feeling rough for on Christmas Day!

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