Festive Night In

So, we decided to have a festive night in! Just the four of us. Bella chose a movie and we all curled up on the sofas under warm fleece blankets with hot cups of tea and yummy treats!

The film that Bella chose was a movie called ‘The Christmas Story’ it a film from the ’80s, one that I have never seen before, nor had I heard of it before!

I have to admit it was quite a good movie and we all enjoyed it! I am looking forward to watching It’s A Wonderful Life with everyone between now and the New Year.

What makes a good festive night in?

  • Good movies
  • Tasty treats – chocolate, popcorn, crisps, homemade cookies, that kind of thing!
  • Hot chocolate, tea, coffee… or an alcoholic beverage if you wish!
  • Cosy PJ’s or comfy clothes
  • A comfy place to sit and be cosy
  • Heating on, or wrapped up under a warm blanket
  • Good company
  • Maybe order a takeaway
  • Board games or card games (or both!)

I love relaxing in the living room with the Christmas light dancing in the corner and the glow of the fireplace lighting up the room. It just feels so cosy and calm and it looks so pretty!

What are you favourite festive night in must-haves? Let us know in the comments below!

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