Christmas Day

Christmas Day was a busy one for me and Jacob this year! I went to visit my family in the morning and then both me and Jake went to have dinner with his mum and her boyfriend before heading to his dad’s house for evening drinks, games and a buffet!

We woke up at 8:30 am and went into the living room to exchange presents with each other and our two friends Anthony and Bella! It was really lovely, though we were all feeling rough from our night out on Christmas Eve!

I got a beautiful personalised Lion King blanket from Jake, as well as a pretty pandora charm for my bracelet, new hair straighteners, Jack Wills leggings, a Timon Pop Funko to add to my collection and a Bourneville dark chocolate selection box

The Lion King blanket is so thick and cosy! Perfect for the Winter and cuddling up on the couch.

I got an adorable grey dress from Anthony, with a big hood and a fur trim. I felt so Christmassy when I tried it on, that I ended up wearing it all day!

It is not a style that I would usually wear! It laces up at the front and at the back and the length of the dress is knee height at the front, but longer at the back! It fits me perfectly and it was super comfy too!

Bella got me my favourite scent from Lush as a box set which had a mini bottle of shower gel in it and a bright pink bath bomb, which I cannot wait to use!

I got some cute pyjamas and a beautiful scarf from my little brother, a new backpack and perfume from my mum and dad, lots of lovely candle wax melts from my Uncle, a stunning bracelet from Jacobs dad and New Look vouchers from Jacobs mum and brother and restaurant vouchers between us from his auntie and his mums partner!

We definitely had a great Christmas! We were both spoilt rotten as always and love all of our gifts from our families and friends.

We had dinner with Jakes mum and her partner and it was absolutely delicious! It was so filling and there was plenty of it to go around. The company was nice and everyone was smiling! And do not get me started on the desserts!

We had very yummy chicken soup for starters followed by a lovely roast dinner and then we were hit with cake jars for dessert!

The cake jars came in two flavours, chocolate or vanilla, and the chocolate ones had been decorated to look like Santa’s Reindeers! I chose a chocolate one and it was absolutely amazing! I struggled to finish it and ended up taking it home to eat later in the evening! But it was definitely one of the best desserts that I have ever tasted!

After dinner, we headed to Jakes dads house for games, drinks and an evening buffet! When we got there we exchanged more gifts before starting trivia games and quizzes, followed by ‘Quiplash’ which was lots of fun! It was so nice to see everyone as it had been quite some time since our last visit. It was especially nice to see the kids! They are growing way too fast.

Overall we had a lovely day spent with lots of different family members, filled with lots of love, laughter and happiness, and I could not have asked for anything more!

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