Making Memories During Lockdown

It can be difficult having to stay away from friends and family. It can have a large impact on our mental health, making us feel isolated and leaving us alone with our thoughts. But there are a few ways that we can make some positive memories during lockdown… let’s take a look at a couple of ideas.

It is safe to say that times like these make us appreciate the smaller things in life. Such as going to the cinema with friends and out for a meal with family. However, just because we cannot go out with the people we love and care about, doesn’t mean that we cannot set up activities with them!

  • Why not have an online movie night with friends, by all joining a Zoom meeting and having one person share their screen with the movie playing, that way you can all watch the film at the same time, whilst also being able to see and talk to each other. You could even get creative and make cinema tickets to send to everyone through social media, email, or even in the post!
  • You could also use the above method to host a games night or a quiz night!
  • Try some new cooking recipes
  • Have a barbecue with your household
  • Take more pictures
  • Take up home workouts
  • Have family challenges, this can be within your household or via video chats – find some funny challenges to take part in, maybe you could create some form of tournament to take part in?
  • Take advantage of your one walk a day, especially while the weather is nice!
  • Rearrange your furniture
  • Read more
  • Find new music to listen to
  • Practice different hairstyles and make-up
  • Write pen pal letters to loved ones, decorate them and add little treats to them! I love doing this, there is something beautiful about receiving a hand written letter in the mail.

There are many things that we can do during these times. Yes, it is hard. But it does not have to so negative all of the time. Life is and always will be, what we make of it! So let’s make this a time that we want to remember; not for the virus and the lives lost, but for the extra family time, extra self-love and beautiful memories that we have made.

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