Our Favourite Stationery Stores and Items!

Both myself and Molly-Jane would class ourselves as stationery addicts. However, despite the fact that we love all stationery, we do have some favourite stores and items that we would like to share with you today!


I am addicted to stationery, if I could purchase a new notebook every single day I definitely would… and the chances are I would use every single one of them! I love writing, so for me my main addiction lie with notebooks and pens. I always have to be writing in a nice notebook or project book, I am not a fan of writing in refill pads as I like to use pretty and unique notebooks! Any form of notebook with a cute, funky or unique design always seem to end up in my shopping basket. As much as I love new pens, I am quite fussy with them. I like to be able to write neatly and comfortably and with some pens, this is not possible; especially when you spend multiple hours in the day, writing. I also love to be (feel) organised, so I love a good planner to write down my daily tasks and track other things too.

One of my favourite stationery stores at the moment is Pepper and Cute! Although I wish they had more products (hopefully they will expand and grow) I have purchased their 2020 diary and a set of their adorable pens! They currently have a set of three pens, a pink flamingo, a cute cupcake and an adorable sloth! These designs are really cute, and each pen has a saying written on the side. The flamingo pen says ‘Flamazing Plans’, the cupcake pen says ‘Hundreds of Thousands Ideas’ and the sloth pen says ‘Follow Your Dreams.’

I love the design of these pens and not only to they look great, they also write nicely too (in my opinion!)

The only down side of this pen set for me, is that two of them are blue ink and only one of them is black ink. This would be better is it was the other way around as I personally prefer black ink when working!

This pen set costs £5.95 and you can buy yours here! Why not take a look at some of Pepper and Cute’s other products while you are there?!

I am also a lover of magnets, stickers and sticky notes! You can see in this picture I have my Pepper and Cute 2020 diary, some fillable stickers, a lined pad of sticky notes, some cute love heart magnets and my Flamazing Plans pen! My magnets were from my mum as she knows how much I love filling our fridge with magnets and she also knows that I often have a million things on my to-do list with both my blog and with work. These magnets read ‘Urgent’ and ‘To Do List’ so I can pin my weekly task list to my fridge and prioritise the important ones!
My stickers are one of my favourite items, I tend to include these with my pen pal letters and ask my pen pals to fill them in and stick them to their response letter! They say, ‘today I am grateful for…’, ‘What made me smile today?’, ‘3 positive words to describe my day…’ and ‘Today I feel…’
I think these are really cute, not only do I add them to pen pal letters, but I also like to stick them in my scrapbook to summarise a day out or an event that has happened! These were from Ebay, this is my second purchase of these stickers and I am sure there will be many more re-orders in the future.

My work space is within my bedroom. I love my little work station in the corner of my room. I have my laptop set up there, with my cork board and whiteboard hung on the wall, where I keep all of my notes and cute quotes and pictures to keep me motivated. I also have some candles on my work desk, my favourite one being my Coco Chanel candle that I got from my mum and dad for Christmas last year! As well as my candles, I have my kindle, some notebooks, my cute Jaguar teddy (from WWF when I adopted a Jaguar), my little Winnie the Pooh bear, all my favourite pens, and a small tower of desk drawers where I keep all of my Washi-tapes and accessories! This space is my chill space, I sit here to write my blog posts, to watch Netflix and to read my books and write my pen pal letters!

We would love to see your favourite stationery and work spaces for our Stationery competition (ending tomorrow at midnight!) so check out our Stationery Competition post to see all the ways that you can enter!


Molly-Jane (our Co-founder) is also a stationery lover! She loves her work station as it is surrounded by pink and Goku and Gohan stay close by to giver her moral support!

You can see all the beautiful shades of pink surrounding her work area, from her headphones and pencil case to her favourite pen and Disney mug! You can also see her guitar hanging on the wall at the side of her desk (a little hint towards how multi-talented our Co-founder is!)

Molly-Jane is a huge Dragon Ball fan! So her adorable figurines of Goku and Gohan are a must have for her work space. I think it is important to add a personal touch to your work space, whether it be at home or at work as it always makes you feel relaxed and happy! It is much better than sitting at a plain, standard desk. This could be photographs of your family or pets, it could be a teddy bear, an ornament… anything you like!

Molly’s favourite pen is a very cute bunny rabbit pen. It stands out from the crowd and definitely has lots of quirkiness (just like Molly herself!) This pen is designed with a fluffy pom pom, adorable bunny ears and a sweet little pink nose. Molly says that not only is it cute, but it is great to write with too!

We both love quirky, cute pens over your standard ballpoints. We would love to see some cool, cute and unique pens for our Stationery Competition (ending at midnight tomorrow!) So get those entries in as soon as possible.

There is also a Smiggle water bottle on Molly-Jane’s desk! This is one of her favourite places to get stationery and accessories as their products are brightly coloured with super cute designs and patterns. Smiggle is essentially a children’s store that sells stationery, food and drink containers, backpacks and more! However, if you love adorable, quirky designs, you will love Smiggle no matter how old you are!

We would love to see your favourite stationery and work spaces for our Stationery competition (ending tomorrow at midnight!) so check out our Stationery Competition post to see all the ways that you can enter!

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