Dying Matters Week 2020

Dying Matters is a coalition of individuals and organisational members across England and Wales that aim to help people open up and talk about dying, death and bereavement as well as making plans for the end of their life.

The Dying Matters coalition began in 2009. It includes organisations from across the NHS, voluntary and independent sectors, social care and housing sectors, a wide range of faith organisations, community organisations, educational sectors, trade unions, the legal profession and funeral sectors.

Dying, death and bereavement are all inevitable. So why do we not talk openly and comfortably about them?

Some people die as they would have liked, however, many others do not. So many people feel uncomfortable when discussing dying and death. This sadly means that when their time comes, their family, friends and loved ones do not know what their preferences would have been. Such as, where they would like to die (in a hospital, or at home?) What songs they would like played at their funeral, are there any specific requests in regards to their funeral or their will? Do they have a bucket list? All of these things are important and should be discussed. People should be able to talk about death no matter what their age or health is.

Many people think that talking about death is morbid… but we are all going to die eventually; so why not have those discussions whilst you can, rather than when it is too late.

During this week, we are going to discuss various topics with our readers and with each other here at SeeTheUniverse. Some of the topics that you can expect to read and talk about are:

  • Grief – Traumatic and sudden deaths
  • End of life care and Carers
  • Organ donation
  • Funerals

But don’t worry, we will be trying to make as many of these conversations as light and as enjoyable as possible. The idea of this week is to start conversations about death, dying and bereavement and to listen to what others have to say on the matter. The theme for this week is ‘Dying To Be Heard’, so we will also be posting some important tips on how to be a good listener and contributor to important conversations.

Keep checking our social media pages to see how you can contribute to Dying Matters Week via SeeTheUniverse.

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