Children’s Day 2020 – Proud Parents

Children are our future and it is so important that we respect them, listen to them, teach them and allow them to grow into strong, independent, brave, resilient individuals.

Over the last few days we have asked parents to share their ‘proud moments’ with us, so that we can take a minute out of our day to acknowledge the little, yet wonderful milestones that children reach every single day as well as the bigger things that they achieve.

Here are some of the proud parent moments that were shared with us:

  • ‘I am proud of my son for sleeping in his own bed for the last two weeks, which has taken us three years to get him to do! Plus he is almost two weeks with no nappies or accidents!’ – Carley.
  • ‘Our daughter is the first in the family to graduate university, she started her own web page to help others who need it… we are very proud parents!’ – Robert.
  • ‘My little girl took her first steps yesterday!’ – Laura.
  • ‘My son performed his first gig with his band just before lockdown started. It was amazing and everyone loved them! I have never felt so proud.’ – Jorgia.
  • ‘My 14-year-old twins raised £540 for the NHS during lockdown! They amaze me each and every day.’ – Paul.

Such a range of bright and wonderful things that the young generation are achieving. We do not hear about these amazing moments enough! I have seen over the last couple of months, while the world has been in lockdown, some wonderful videos, pictures and memories being created by children and their families and it is truly beautiful and inspiring to see them creating positive things during a time like this and making the most of a bad situation.

Jay Mckeague of Jay Coaching shared a lovely video of his nine-year-old son Jayden doing an interview for Positively Empowered Kids!

You can also check out Jayden’s Youtube Channel here!

Keep celebrating your children, sit back and just watch how amazing and incredible they truly are and be proud that they are who they are because of you.

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