Funeral Plans and Writing Wills

Many people feel as though it is morbid to discuss dying and talking about their wishes after their death – But dying is a part of life, it will eventually happen to all of us, therefore we should discuss these things while we have the chance. Not only is it nice for your family and loved ones to know what your final wishes would be, but it will also take some form of pressure off of them when/if that time comes.

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There are ways that you can help your family with your funeral costs and you are able to do these from as young as 18-years-old. Is this considered ‘too young’ to be talking about funerals?… No. Because the truth is, death can occur no matter your age, so there is no harm in being prepared.

The first, and often most important step, is to talk to your loved ones about your wishes. This can be daunting and their reactions are not guaranteed to be positive, but that is understandable as it is a sensitive topic to bring up in conversation. However, no matter how sensitive it may be, it is also very important.

If you do not feel able to talk about your final wishes, there are other things that you can do to prepare for your own funeral and help your loved ones.

  • Set up a pre-paid funeral plan
  • Invest in a life insurance plan
  • Start saving in a savings account for your funeral funds (making sure your loved ones have access when needed)

One of the biggest conversations that tend to occur in relation to funerals is whether the individual would like to be buried or cremated. But what about the other aspects of a funeral? The songs you want to have played, the dress code, flowers, where you want your funeral to be held, what kind of wake you would like… there are so many decisions that your loved ones have to make when you are gone… so if you are able to discuss these things ahead of time and update them when necessary it can take a weight off of their shoulders when/if your time comes.

In regards to will writing, you can write a legal will from the age of 18. Many people do not write their will until they reach retirement age or if their health takes a turn for the worse. But again… why wait? There is no harm in being prepared and you can make amendments to your will as much as you like, or you can cancel it completely and write a new one. I personally do have a written will, however this is not official as it has not been made legal. To do this you need to have two witnesses to you signing your will and they both also need to sign. This is something that I will look at in more detail in the future when I actually have assets worth leaving behind for people; such as a home, a car or a business.

You can read more about will writing on the government website here.

There is also a lot of support available to help you with funeral planning, not only for planning your own funeral but for help with planning a loved ones funeral too, if you have never had to make funeral arrangements before it can be quite confusing and people often do not know where to start, but please, if you find yourself in this situation do not be afraid to reach out and ask for help.

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