SeeTheUniverse Wellbeing Workshop

Myself and the SeeTheUniverse team have came up with a 12-week wellbeing program for our lovely followers! We believe that self-love and acceptance is one of the most important steps towards having good mental wellbeing, yet so many people are unaware of the things that this entails. Self-care and self-love are not that straight forward and some people may need a small nudge to set them on the right path… that is what we are here for!

This wellbeing program consists of eleven different topics in regards to maintaining positive mental wellbeing and a reflection session summarising the things that we have learned and reflecting on them as well as discussing the workshops that we have enjoyed the most and the ones that we were not such a fan of!

We have not yet finalised all of the details, but here is the schedule for the twelve weeks…

So far, we are thinking about hosting virtual meetings using a service such as google meet or zoom, to discuss the topics each week, giving everyone a chance to join in, listen and share their thoughts. We will also be emailing all who wish to take part with their online wellbeing packs each week so that they can work through the booklets either on their own, or during the group discussion.

This is not yet set in stone as we are still exploring the various options we have at hand as we want to give each and every one of you a fun, learning experience in the best possible way.

If you have any suggestions about how we can conduct the meetings, please do not hesitate to either comment below or drop us an email using one of the following addresses:

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