Scare City Manchester – A Review

On Friday 16th October, my household went together to a Halloween Drive-Through in Manchester. We did not really know what to expect as we would usually go to a big Halloween scare event, but due to the current restrictions that are in place, this was cancelled.

The Halloween Drive-Through was run by Park’n’Party, when we arrived, we showed our tickets to a lovely member of staff who explained the rules to us and wished us a fun filled evening. Then we slowly drove through the some black flowing curtains, where creepy people, dressed up in amazing scary costumes, jumped out on us and banged on the car windows, shouting and screaming, making us jump and laugh! This was really funny, which we made a little bit funnier by opening one of the back windows so that the staff could terrify the people in the back seat of the car! The only down side to this section was that it was so short. We would have loved for the drive-through section to have been longer, with more people dressed up to scare us. The area in which the event was held, had much more potential, however there was no denying how fun it was and we will definitely be booking it again in future.

After the drive-through section, members of staff directed us to a parking space, ready to watch the halloween movie that we had selected, ‘The Blair Witch Project!’

We chose this movie as it was one of the only ones that neither of us had seen before. I personally was not a huge fan, I was expecting a much scarier film, but it was creepy and knowing that is was a true story and real life footage made it that little bit creepier. However, I am the type of person who finds things like this very interesting and it makes me want to investigate myself… but based on the outcome of the movie; I think I will leave my investigative side alone for the time being!

While we were watching the film, the amazing staff in costumes would troll around the car park, traumatising the guests and making the movie more tense! At one point, a young girl ran to our car screaming, banging on the window and asking us to help her. We were all shocked and a little bit confused as we thought it was one of the guests and not part of the act!

The staff made the evening a night to remember, by giving us plenty of jump scares and many of laughs. Every time someone left the car to use the bathroom or to stretch their legs, there was a chance of being targeted by a creepy clown or a super tall monster! We seen many people being chased through the car park with fear in their eyes and it was very entertaining to those tucked safely away in their cars.

There was also a couple of photo-opportunities, allowing you to get out of your car and take some selfies with one another. Overall it was a really fun evening, something different for us that we will definitely look into again in future.

They still have a couple of tickets left for this year, with a range of movies to choose from! They also cater for children during the daytime slots so this event is also family friendly!

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