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We are super excited to announce that we will be kicking off our very first wellbeing workshop on the 4th November at 7:30pm GMT!

Here is everything you need to know, if you would like to get involved:

Our wellbeing workshops are going to run for 12-weeks, with each week bringing you a different topic to focus on in the hope of improving our mental wellbeing and helping you to see things from a different perspective as well as giving you the opportunity to talk with others, ourselves included, about your own coping mechanisms, your personal experiences and much more. We hope that these workshops benefit your wellbeing, and lead to the formation of new friendships and connections.

Each week we will post the relevant worksheets that we have created for each workshop. These are for your own personal use and how you choose to complete them is up to you! You can print them and hand-write on them, you can download them and type up your notes or you can use a notepad and pen to write what you have learned; we all learn in different ways, so there is no right or wrong way to do this.

We will be hosting a group video call for each workshop, which will take place on Wednesdays at 7:30pm GMT, starting on the 4th November and running through to the 20th January!

We have set up a new Facebook Group where we will post the video call link each week, allowing you to join in with the meeting. Please note that you are welcome to join the meeting just to sit and listen to ourselves and others who choose to take part, you are not being forced to speak during the meetings, but your input, your experiences and your questions will be valued and respected and we look forward to hearing them! You can join the Facebook Group Here!

After the video meetings, we will be posting some top tips on the Facebook group for those who missed the meeting. This also gives people chance to ask any additional questions or share with the group anything that they were unable to share during the meeting.

We are super excited about this! It is very new, but we are hoping to make this a yearly event, growing it more and more over time!

Here is the set schedule for the workshops:

You do not have to take part in every single week, although we do recommend that you do! It is 100% free to take part, all you have to do is join our new facebook group! This will be available soon so keep your eyes peeled for that!

You do not have to take part in each week if you do not wish to do so! We are hoping to add the resources to the facebook group on a weekly basis so that you can use whichever worksheets you like, if this is not possible, we will post a link for you to add your email address to and we will send the resources weekly via email (if you do not want the rest of the group seeing your email address you can send this to us privately via DM or by using our wellbeing workshop email address: this is also where you can privately send any contributions you would like to make or ask us any questions that you might have (if you do not wish to ask the group)

We are very excited for this to begin! Only two weeks to wait for our very first workshop to take place! We hope for you to join us.

Take care and Have Hope Always,
Aimee xo

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