Pumpkin Picking

This year, due to various circumstances, budgets have been a little low, which means we were unable to go to our usual pumpkin patch to find our pumpkins! But we did not let that stop us…

Instead, we went to a local home grown pumpkin patch and supported a lovely elderly couple with their small business. When we arrived, they had lots of pumpkins arranged into groups in their front garden and a little wooded money box for people to pay for them.

The lovely couple came outside to make sure we were okay and that we didn’t need any help.
The pumpkins were set up in groups and has already been cleaned! They had mini pumpkins for 50p, small pumpkins for £1, medium ones for £2 and large ones for £3! Great prices compared to what we would usually spend (three pumpkins for £10!)

I selected one perfectly rounded, medium sized pumpkin and a miniature pumpkin ready for my halloween carving competition with friends and family (which we will be conducting via social media due to Covid restrictions)

It was not the same as trekking through a muddy field to find the perfect pumpkin, but it was still a lovely experience and it felt so good to support a small, local business in the process!

We highly recommend that you find a local home grown pumpkin patch for your pumpkins this year too, and if you do, we would love to hear about your experience and see your beautiful pumpkins!

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