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We were tagged by the lovely people over at The Craftroom and Beyond to take part in the Hallotober tag. All the SeeTheUniverse team will be taking part in answering the 13 questions.


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1. What’s your favourite thing about October?

Aimee – I love going for Autumn walks and October is when it all starts to slowly look all Autumny and cute! Not forgetting the cute pumpkin patch pictures.

Jacob – Halloween and Autumn clothes.

MJ – The different colours of the leaves and, of course, HALLOWEEN!!!

2. Are you a big celebrator of Halloween?

Aimee – Yes, I love planning my costumes and going pumpkin picking!

Jacob – Yes! I like to dress up and have Halloween parties. This year our plans are a little different due to the restrictions, so we are celebrating just with our household by carving pumpkins and watching Halloween films.


3. What’s your favourite horror movie?

Aimee – I love the Insidious movies and the conjuring. I also loved watching Annabelle and I am super excited for the newest Conjuring to be released.

Jacob – Also the Insidious franchise.

MJ – I’m trying to watch more horror movies because I love them but I’m a massive scaredy-cat. However, I love the Evil Dead remake and I really enjoyed The Blair Witch Project and Halloween (2018).

4. Would you rather a cosy night-in watching horrors or a big night-out in a costume?

Aimee – I can’t remember the last time we had a successful Halloween night out! I am definitely more for cosy night-in, or a few friends over for Halloween games and drinks (in costume of course!!)

Jacob – A big night-out.

MJ – I’m down for either!!

5. Which has been your favourite costume to date?

Aimee – My favourite costume would have to be my home made cat costume a few years ago, I think I was 15 at the time! I wore leather look leggings and a cute sequin vest top with silver diamond cat ears and a black fluffy tail. I did my own make up and added fake blood and put my hair into two little messy buns. My mum and dad hosted a Halloween party that year and I invited one of my closest friends and Jake! This was our first Halloween together!

Jacob – My Mario costume! A few years ago, I went out into town with friends, I went as Mario and one of the others went as Luigi. People kept stopping us for pictures and it was really fun.

MJ – I dressed as a vampire for a party when I was a kid. My mum helped with my costume and did my makeup, which was even more awesome because she’s terrified of them.

6. Bobbing for apples or ‘pin the hat on the witch’?

Aimee – Apple bobbing! I used to love this game as a kid. My mum would push coins into the apples to make it more exciting. We would bob for apples and then we would go into another room where she had hung apples from different lengths of string attached to the ceiling, we would have our hands tied behind our backs and would have to try and get one of the apples in our mouths. This took a long time; but it was a barrel of laughs, that is for sure.

Jacob – Pinning the hat on the witch! It is fun seeing how different each hat gets placed and it is good that there is only one winner, it makes it more competitive. Also… apple bobbing is hard!

MJ – Bobbing for apples! It was my favourite Halloween game as a kid and it’s always funny to me when someone’s makeup and/or face-paint runs down their face (it’s usually mine, which is even funnier).

7. How do you celebrate Halloween?

Aimee – Different ways! Either a night out with friends, all in fancy dress, or a night in with a few drinks, horror movies and pumpkin carving!

Jacob – I get dressed up, have a few drinks with friends and play games. Sometimes we go out around the town; but that is a huge no no this year.

MJ – It varies, but the constants are pumpkin carving and baking something Halloween related.

8. What’s your least favourite horror?

Aimee – Movie wise; IT. No questions about it. Absolutely terrifying movie.

Jacob – I cannot think of a least favourite! I enjoy all horrors.

MJ – I’m not sure if this means horror movie or type of horror, so I’m going to answer for both. My least favourite horror movie is Sinister. I found it absolutely terrifying and couldn’t sleep properly for, like, two weeks after watching it. I have nothing else against it though, and I’m determined to try watching it again at some point because it was so well made.
As for my least favourite type of horror, I would say jumpscares. I’m a very jumpy person as it is, so jumpscares don’t help my anxiety at all. Plus I find that they’re sometimes overused in a lot of horror movies. However, I don’t mind them in movies or games when they’re done and/or placed well (like in Sinister, ironically).

9. Do you have a favourite trick-or-treat memory?

Aimee – I used to love going trick-or-treating with my mum and dad. We have old pictures of home-made Halloween costumes that my mum and dad would create for me… you know… those bin bag specials! I would get super excited to knock at my grandma and grandad’s house. My gran used to give out little bags of money to the trick or treaters and even though it was just a bit of spare change, to young children it felt like winning the lottery. Also, my grandad would always act super scared of my costume or really confused asking ‘where is Aimee?’ and it would always make me laugh.

Jacob – When I was little, my Grandad would host Halloween parties in a little community centre on his street for all of the children in the neighbourhood. We would all get dressed up and go trick-or-treating and then go to the centre for games and fun.

MJ – My mum and I used to live with my nan and grandad. There was one year (I think I was about 5) where my nan took me around the street she lives on and we ended up staying at our next-door neighbour’s house for a cuppa – it was our last stop, and she loved seeing what I was dressed as that year. There was a knock on her door, so she went to answer it thinking it was trick-or-treaters and all we heard from the living room was a massive scream. My mum had jumped out at her from around the corner dressed as Frankenstein’s Monster!

10. What’s your favourite thing about Halloween?

Aimee – Going pumpkin picking and carving our pumpkins together. I love some friendly competition between family and friends. I also love seeing all the adorable children dressed up in their costumes and trick-or-treating with huge smiles on their faces. It is so heart-warming. It is a shame this year as it seems trick-or-treating will not be happening!

Jacob – Getting dressed up in costume! This year; as we are unable to go out, our household are all wearing onesies and watching scary movies. My onesie is a minion!

MJ – Decorating and figuring out what I’m going to be (although I usually start thinking of the latter on 1st November!).

11. Scary costume or silly costume?

Aimee – I love all of the silly costumes! The ones that look as though the person is being carried by an alien or some form of monster always make me laugh, or the huge inflatable ones! I remember one year, my dad surprised us all with a giant inflatable Frankenstein costume and it was so funny, everyone loved it!

Jacob – Silly costumes, because they are more fun.

MJ – I absolutely love both kinds of costumes, but I tend to lean towards a ‘cute-yet-scary’ look myself.

12. What’s your favourite Halloween candy?

Aimee – Although these are not only around for Halloween… I am a sucker for sherbet lollipops or drumstick lollies!

Jacob – I love drumstick squashies! Especially the sour ones which I think suit the Halloween season pretty well.

MJ – HALLOWEEN CREME EGGS!!! Although, I must also admit that I am also the person who gets given any stray Bounty’s – I love them!

13. Ghost decorations or skeleton decorations?

Aimee – Skeleton decorations for sure! You can get so many different ones with cute patterns and spooky styles.

Jacob – Ghost decorations. I think they look cool if they are done well!

MJ – *spooky scary skeletons plays in the distance*

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11. What’s your favourite thing about Halloween? 
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