Pumpkin Carving!

I absolutely love our household pumpkins this year!

We decided to all carve our pumpkins together this year, all sat around the dining table with a great Halloween playlist on in the background. It was such a chilled evening and was really fun.

I really live for moments like this. You know, those pure, simple, moments that just make you smile?

Carving our pumpkins has gotten me super excited or Halloween night! With there being four of us, you can imagine the arguments about what horror movie we should watch. So we have decided to each put two horror movies into a hat and then we are going to shake them up and pick two out for us to watch. This makes it fair and also adds some extra fun.

We would love to see your pumpkins this year! Feel free to send us pictures by tagging us on social media or emailing the following address: Submissions@seetheuniverse.co.uk

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