It Will NOT Be Lonely This Christmas!

As I am sure you all know, Christmas this year is going to be a little bit different, with more people feeling lonely and more people struggling than ever before.

Here at SeeTheUniverse have hosted a Christmas Campaign each year in order to help people to feel a little bit less alone and to try and make this time of year a little bit more special for them.
We do this across our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) by hosting games, posting conversation starters and hosting competitions!

Here is what you can expect this year:

Christmas Eve: Conversation starters, polls and Christmas themed questions across all social media pages from 11am through to 4pm!

Christmas Day: Competition Time! Keep your eye’s peeled over in our Facebook Group (Universe Online) for a fun, free, Christmas Competition! As well as some fun Christmas puzzles and printable colouring pages being posted across Facebook and Twitter.

Boxing Day: Lots of conversations starters, polls and more! This will run across all social media platforms all day long! If we are feeling generous, there may even be another competition!

We are also hosting weekly Wellbeing Workshops! These occur every Wednesday at 7:30pm, next week marks our midway point (week six!) However, people are more than welcome to join us, even if they have not taken part in previous workshops! You can find all of the details you need here!

As always, we are always available for people who would like someone to talk to! Please feel free to contact us via social media or directly via email at one of the following email addresses: (Myself; the founder of SeeTheUniverse) (Our incredible Co-Founder)

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