Goals for 2021

We started 2021 with another semi-lockdown (thank you Coronavirus!) my area is currently tier 4, which is the highest tier, meaning that we cannot see friends and family and all non-essential shops are closed once more. We can still see one person from another household as long as it is outdoors and we maintain the 2-metre rule and we can still see our support bubbles and go to and from work!

Not the start of the year that we were hoping for, but I guess we did kind of expect it.

There are a couple of things that I am hoping to achieve this year, despite all of the restrictions going on. Some are personal goals, some are work-related goals and others are blog-related!

First, my personal goals…

I want to be happy within my own skin. For a long time now, I have hated how I look and over the last 3-4 months I had started going to the gym on a regular basis and was eating healthier. I did see a difference in myself after this time which motivated me to keep going. However, now that we are in tier 4, we cannot get to our usual gym (as it is in another area under different tier restrictions)

However, I am determined not to let this demotivate me. I have been using my RingFit and playing Just Dance every day for around 1-2 hours. I need to start being strict on my diet again after the holidays but I am sure that will slowly start to fall back into place again soon.

I would love to reach my body goals by the middle of the year; I know that changes such as these take time, which is why I am not being too strict in regards to creating a deadline. Any sort of change between now and June would be amazing!

My next personal goal is to start saving up some pennies! This is something that I have always found difficult to do, but I am determined to start putting aside some money each month so that me and Jake can start saving towards a deposit on a house and also in case of emergencies! I learned the hard way at the end of 2020 when I needed money and had no emergency funds!

The plan is to start saving in March as there are a few debts that I need to sort out first before I start worrying about putting money into my savings account. Once I am set straight, I hope to put £100-£200 each month away!

In regards to work goals, I started a new job in November and this week will be my last week of training! I currently work for a bank, on their customer service team, however I would like to make my way up to work in marketing or to become one of the trainers myself! Now I know that this may take longer than a year and that there will be multiple smaller steps that I will need to take along the way. However, I hope to get the ball rolling this year.

In regards to the blog, we are hoping to reach more people this year and be able to host more competitions and possibly some face-to-face activities for charities and also for advertisement (depending on where the restrictions will take us this year)
There are a couple of things coming-up that would have been much better in person, but we will do the best that we can with the situation and go from there!
I am hoping to grow the social media platforms this year and get more people on board for our 2021 Wellbeing Workshops and other meetings/activities too!

We could not do all of this without your ongoing support, so thank you all so much for everything that you do!

Wishing you all the very best year; from Aimee and the SeeTheUniverse Team!

Have Hope Always

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