Overview of 2020!

2020 was different to say the least and although I spent a lot of time wallowing in self-pity and complaining about how awful the year had been… when I look back at it as a whole; it really wasn’t that bad.

Those of you who know me will know that I started keeping scrapbooks back in 2019; I love documenting days out and events with pictures and journals in the form of a scrapbook, as keeping physical photographs is not very common these days; with people keeping photo’s on their phones or stored on social media… but what if they all disappeared? It is nice to have something more personal and unique to look back at with friends and loved ones.

When we were put into Lockdown for the first time back in March, I was worried that my scrapbook for 2020 would end up being rather empty and bare and that I would have to combine 2021 into it!
But that was not the case at all! I managed to fill the book with some lovely memories despite not being able to do the usual things that we had planned.

Here are some of my favourite memories from the year 2020… memories that I will definitely not take for granted ever again!

I passed my driving test first time back in January and bought my very first car (Purple Ford KA called Tinky Winky), we enjoyed a night out with friends in January too, little did we know that that would be one of the last times we would all be together! Me and Jake managed to jet off to Poland for a few days in February, which was a really beautiful trip! Then we celebrated my birthday in March by going to Blackpool for the night and going to our very first Bongo’s Bingo…. and then Lockdown 1.0 hit, just as we were moving house!

We spent a lot of time at home and managed to watch an abundance of TV shows and movies on Netflix and Prime! We played a lot of card games and board games and even enjoyed weekly zoom quizzes with friends.

Then the restrictions lifted and we were able to enjoy a meal out with friends and go for walks, as well as play golf and go paint-balling. We also managed to go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach, which was a rather weird experience with wearing masks and social distancing.

We managed to squeeze in a couple of mini breaks to Cumbria before the higher restrictions hit again in November, it was such a beautiful place and was very relaxing (though we would much rather have been in Croatia, but that was cancelled on us!)

Holiday celebrations such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas were all rather strange compared to usual. However, we spent them with Anthony and Bella (our housemates) and when possible with family and friends (in line with the restrictions of course.) Although they weren’t quite the same, they were filled with fun, laughter and love and I would not have had them any other way!

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