Personal Stress

The start of this year has been a difficult one for me. Which may explain why I have been so quiet over the last few months; both on here and on social media.

So I thought I would share some of my experiences with you guys, so that you can understand what has been going on… and also to help others to see that they are not alone with these feelings.

Back in February this year, I caught Covid-19. I know that I caught this from work, as my entire team were wiped out with it all at once. I was lucky in the sense that my symptoms were not too severe and that the strain that I caught was not the worst one out there.
I experienced awful body aches from head-to-toe and extreme headaches that made me feel nauseous. My taste and smell only changed slightly and I did not really develop a cough or a fever. However, despite my symptoms not being severe, they still completely wiped me out for around 2-weeks.

Once I recovered from these symptoms, I started to develop other issues, which were eventually written off as being ‘Long Covid’.

For example, I started to feel extreme pains in my chest, so I went to the hospital to be checked out and they took blood tests which indicated a possible blood clot. Upon further testing however, we were relieved to find that there were no clots and all my scans were clear. Therefore the pains were as a result of Long Covid.

I then developed covid tongue. Yes you read that right!
My tongue went white and patchy and I had awful ulcers underneath it, which made eating, talking and swallowing, very painful. This lasted for around 2-weeks.

On top of all of this; I had been trying to get a doctors appointment for a smear test since November! Each time I made an appointment, it was cancelled on me or I was simply told they had nothing available.

Then, around the end of January, I began to have genuine concerns about my health in that area, so I started trying even harder to get that appointment. I cried on the phone to the doctors, only to be turned away. I went to A&E to see if they could help me there, but after a 3 hour wait, I was told they did not have the facilities needed in order for them to conduct a smear.

I started to give up after this.

But then I finally got another appointment booked with my GP.

I attended this appointment last week.

The nurse took a look, but was unable to do the swabs due to the cervix looking inflamed and slightly ‘abnormal’. Instead, she has referred me to the hospital for a colposcopy exam. This is not until the 19th April, so I guess I have to just try not worry until then… which is much easier said than done.

So there you have it! An update on my hectic life.
There have been an abundance of ups and downs and some incredibly challenging times recently, though I am now, slowly trying to accept everything and keep myself busy and focused.

So I am hoping that this is the start of my newly found motivation to start writing again and keeping the blog and my social media pages up-to-date! And I hope that this post gives you all a little bit of comfort, knowing that we all go through ups and downs, and that is okay.

My emails and social media inboxes are always open!

Have Hope Always,
Aimee xo

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