The Modern Milkman – A Review

We have recently started ordering our dairy products from a company known as ‘The Modern Milkman’. We found out about them through a leaflet that was posted through our door a couple of weeks ago and thought it was worth a try! We wanted to help out a small business as well as play a part in saving our planet.

The Modern Milkman company currently deliver in Leeds, Greater Manchester and Lancashire, with the hope of expanding in the future. We have had three orders from them so far; here is how it works:

Download the Modern Milkman App from your mobile App Store, or go to their website: to place your order. You can create a regular weekly order as well as select one off items to be included, you select the best delivery date that suits you, or, if you order before 8pm, you can even schedule for next day delivery!

They have a range of products, from milk (whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed, sterilised or oat!), juices, milkshakes, fizzy pop, cereals, fruit and vegetables, eggs, cream, butter and even some bakery products too! There are plenty of options to choose from.

So far we have tried their milkshake pack, which included banana, strawberry and chocolate shakes in pint sized glass bottles… and I have to say they are all delicious!
We also tried their tropical juice, which is lovely and refreshing and their fizzy orange juice is also very tasty! We then decided to add an extra little treat to our order and purchase some Nutella croissants; these were lovely and fresh and after 10 quick seconds in the microwave they were absolutely mouth watering!

We definitely recommend switching to The Modern Milkman, we love finding our fresh, dairy products on our doorstep every Monday morning!

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