Hospital Results and Updates

Let’s get the main thing out of the way first ey?

Those who did not see my previous post, I was being tested for abnormal cervical cells after the nurse felt that my cervix was inflamed during a routine check-up.

I have to say I shed a relieved tear when the results letter came through the post. I will have a follow up appointment over the phone on the 9th June, just to see how my symptoms have been and to determine whether or not I need any additional treatments. But it is such a relief to know that there is nothing seriously wrong.

Hospital visits and appointments aside; I have also taken some steps towards a better, healthier lifestyle for myself recently.

I got myself a Personal Trainer at our regular gym.
She took all of my measurements and my starting pictures and has made me a rough diet plan with a set calorie count and daily protein intake. We have weekly work out sessions on top of my regular gym days, which have really pushed me and motivated me. I am already feeling much better for it and I cannot wait to see the differences after my eight week course with her.

We have also had a little bit more freedom in regards to covid-restrictions over the last couple of weeks! With non-essential stores re-opening and then pubs and restaurants re-opening this week too! So I enjoyed a girls day out in Liverpool to indulge in some shopping and much needed friends time.
It felt so good to be doing something remotely normal again, not to mention how amazing it felt to participate in a pub quiz and a meal out earlier this week!

We are slowly progressing and moving back towards normality, though I certainly do not think that we will ever quite get back to exactly how it was before. It feels good and exciting to be able to look forward to day out and making memories with loved ones again. We have lots of things planned and booked for the upcoming months and I cannot wait to share that with you all!


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