New Challenges

Those of you who know me will know that I have been spending more time at the Gym over the last two months and watching my diet much more that what I used to. I have also been taking part in various fitness challenges, both for myself and for charity!

I recently completed my very first Conqueror Challenge!
For those who have never heard of these challenges; they are virtual challenges in which you need to complete a certain amount of miles, in any way you like, in order to complete them! You can complete them for a medal, a t-shirt or both, for various entry prices. Here are a few examples of the challenges that they have to offer:

  • The English Channel (21 miles)
  • The Inca Trail (26.2 miles)
  • Mount Everest (40 miles)
  • The Cabot Trail (185 miles)
  • St. Francis Way (312 miles)

And many many more!

My first challenge was The English Channel. I decided to pick this challenge as it was the smallest amount of miles; and because I never tend to do distance based exercises, so I seen it as a personal challenge to encourage myself to take part in more cardio based workouts.

I managed to complete The English Channel challenge in just 6 days! I did this mainly by walking more and using the bike for 10-20 minutes on my gym days. Once completed, I simply confirmed my shipping address and the incredible team behind the challenges sent me my medal!
It arrived so fast and it is super pretty as well as being amazing quality. It has made me even more excited to start collecting others.

Another challenge that I am taking part of this month, is the 3000 squat challenge to raise money for The British Heart Foundation. This charity helps to provide important care for those who have and who are struggling through various heart conditions. This is a charity that I will always hold close to my own heart and I hope to reach my fundraising goal for them!

Day three of this challenge and I have done 320 in total! And I even took up running… yep you read that right, running! I completed my first couch to 5k run yesterday with my housemate and it was quite fun! We are hoping to get out at least 3 times a week to do this from now on too.

This is a version of myself that I never thought that I would see again. The version that is at least trying to take care of herself again. The version that wants to change, the version that is more motivated to keep moving forward, one step at a time. The version that will hopefully lead to me loving myself again. Here is to the future me!

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