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Every year in July, The Samaritans host their annual campaign to encourage more people to come forward and talk to them in their times of need. Throughout the month the charity host various events in the hope to raise awareness of the incredible work that they do. These events take place across the UK and The Republic of Ireland and not only do they raise awareness for their charity, but they also help thousands of people along the way.

You should also keep an eye on their social media channels on 24th July for various conversation starters and activities!

The Samaritans are a charity who offer support for people who are facing hardships. This could be mental health struggles, feeling lonely, coming to terms with a loss, or any other subject that may be troubling them. The charity is staffed with amazing, friendly, non-judgemental volunteers who work 24/7 365 days a year to offer an ear to bend or a shoulder to cry on.

There are various ways of contacting The Samaritans:

Call – 116 123 (free and available 24/7 all year round)

Email – – your email address is hidden upon arrival, meaning that the volunteers will never be able to see your email address; instead they will see a unique number. Meaning that any form of contact you make will be confidential. This method typically takes 24 hours for a response.

Letters – You can write in to the Samaritans too! This method will take longer to receive a response, however some people like to physically write down their troubles rather than talking out loud or typing an email. – FREE POST SAMARITANS LETTERS.

There is no shame in reaching out to The Samaritans; or to any other support service, if you are struggling. We are all human and we all need support, advice and guidance from time-to-time. I have used The Samaritans before in the past; I have used both their telephone service and their emailing service – both of which I found very helpful!

I personally preferred their email service as I was not in urgent need of support and I feel as though I express myself much better in writing than how I do verbally. The volunteer who I spoke with was very understanding and friendly, they made me feel extremely comfortable opening up to them and they really did help me to feel better.
Sometimes talking about the things that are bothering you can really help to ease your mind and even help you to better understand the situation that you are in from various points of view.

The Samaritans are there to help, no matter of your age, sexuality, gender, race, nationality or background. Most of the time, anything that you discuss with the charity remains strictly between you and them. In some cases, where there are concerns of your safety, they may need to reach out to other services in order to offer you the best support possible for your situation. This applies to all children, and in some cases, adults. You can read more about their safeguarding policy here.

Check out their general website for more details of what they do and how you can get in touch.

And remember, we here at SeeTheUniverse are always here to lend an ear too! You can reach us via our social media channels of via email: *

*Please note; that whilst I have certificates in mental health awareness and experience as a support worker, I am not a medical professional and cannot provide any form of diagnosis, or medical advice.

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