The Little Things in Life

Today I decided to take some time for me… and it feels great!

Today is my day off of work this week and instead of sitting around the house all day, I decided to take a little trip to Costa Coffee in Ormskirk for a nice Latte with Almond milk and some quiet blogging time.

It felt so nice to actually sit in the coffee shop with my laptop again! I used to do this at least once a month to help me catch up on blog posts and other pieces that I am working on; but since the pandemic began in the early months of last year, I have not been able to do this. As a result, the blog has been a little bit neglected over the last 12-18 months.

As much as I adore this blog; I sometimes find it hard to focus when I am sitting at home on the couch. I find myself re-watching Grey’s Anatomy or The Vampire Diaries and my laptop stays in its case in the corner untouched! So It feels amazing to be typing again without distraction.

Not only is Costa’s new coffee blend delicious… but it feels good to be back!

Watch this space guys!

Have Hope Always

Aimee xo

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