Cockfields Farm – A Review

Yesterday me and Jake took a trip to Cockfields Farm in Ashton Under Lyne.
It was roughly an hours drive away, and I have to say, it was worth the trip!

When we arrived we were greeted by lovely friendly staff who checked us in and gave us a schedule for the activities throughout the day. We headed straight outside to meet the animals, our first stop was the sheep! They were adorably scruffy sheep with lots of fluffy wool and loud personalities. Our next stop was the goats; a personal favourite of mine. There were so many sweet little goats and some beautiful little babies! As soon as they seen the animal feed they rushed to the barriers to be fed. They loved being hand-fed and stroked; we tried our best to give every goat a little bit of food, but it was difficult with they pushing each other out of the way in excitement!

The next enclosure was the cows, they were so cute with their fluffy ears and big rounded eyes; and they certainly loved the attention!
We continued our walk up to the duck pond and took a stroll around it in the sunshine. The view was so pretty and it was a nice little relaxing walk, with ducks and donkeys to see along the way!

We then headed inside one of the barns to see the llama’s, alpaca’s, pigs and reindeer! The pigs were definitely my favourite animal of the day. The mummy pig had recently birthed 12 adorable little piglets and they were a funny bunch to watch. Inside the barn they also had some reptiles to see; bearded dragons, chameleons, snakes and more!

Just outside of the barn was an outdoor enclosure which was the home of a cute meerkat family! A mum, dad and three tiny babies! They were so small and full of life, running around, play fighting with each other and digging little holes in the sand/dirt.

Our last stop was the cuddle corner! Where we met bunnies, guinea pigs and baby chicks. They were all so friendly and sweet and it was really nice being able to hold them and give them lots of cuddles.

On top of all the animals to see; the farm also had a trailer ride, a carousel, a park and a huge bouncy pillow… not to mention the big sand pit and the ‘little farmers’ area for the children to plant seeds and dig!

We had a wonderful day out and I am sure we will be visiting again in future.
Our tickets were £11.00 each and we also purchased one bag of animal feed between us for £1.50 which was plenty to last us the day. We also brought home an adorable little fridge magnet as a souvenir of our little trip.

You can check out their website here for more details!

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