Organ Donation Week

More than 50,000 people in the UK alone, are alive today due to the generosity of organ donors and their families.
There are currently over 6,000 people awaiting a life-saving transplants, with 3 people dying every day who could have been saved had they of had a donor.

Did you know, that every donor has the potential of saving 8 lives, and enhancing up to 75 more! There were over 39,000 transplants completed in 2020, however, every 9-minutes someone is added to the waiting list.

Organ donation is very important, so much so, that the system was recently changes in the England, to try and increase the amount of people coming forward to be donors.
We changed it so that everyone ages 18 and over would be considered as a donor and that if you did not want to be a donor, you would need to opt out via the NHS Organ Donation website. The choice is still very much your own, you can adjust your donation preferences at any time as well as opt out if you do not wish to give at all. However, your loved ones may still be approached in regards to organ donation when your life comes to an end, regardless of the opt in/out policy. Therefore it is important to ensure that your loved ones are aware of your personal preferences well in advance.

You can choose which organs you would be happy to donate and which you would like to keep. You can also choose to sign up to be a living donor, meaning that you could potentially donate certain organs while you are still alive; helping to improve the life of others.

I myself am an Organ Donor. I am happy to donate everything except for my eyes and skin. I speak very openly about my choices and it is important to me that my loved ones are aware of this so that I can help save others when I am no longer here…After all, they are no good to me once I am gone, right?

For some people, having these conversations can be difficult. Especially for those who are young and healthy.
I am 25, so talking about what my preferences in regards to organ donation and the things that I would like to occur once I have passed, can be hard for others to hear. Often the response I receive is ‘why are you talking about death, you are young and healthy, we can talk about this further down the line.’ But the truth is, you never know what life will throw at you. You can never guarantee tomorrow; so let’s talk about it today!

It is a big decision, so ensure to read up about organ donation as much as you can before you decide what you would like to do. Once you have made that decision, speak to your loved ones about it! Alternatively if you are struggling to put it into words, write down your preferences and address it to your loved ones for when the time comes.

You can read more about Organ Donation Here!

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