Fall Walks

I love the Autumn weather and the pretty sights that come along with it. I feel it has took a little longer for that to set in this year! But now that it is here, I can’t wait to go for some Autumn walks, all wrapped up warm with a cosy sweater and a cute scarf, ready to see all the pretty falling leaves and breathing in the fresh crisp air.

We recently stayed at a beautiful cottage in Wales for the weekend. It was such a lovely place and it was in the middle of nowhere, so it was quiet with a clear night sky, full of stars. This was a mini trip for a friends birthday… much better than a crazy drunken night out, that’s for sure.

Whilst we were there, we found a lovely walking trail that lead to a waterfall. It was so soothing being out in the fresh country air, with some of my closest friends. Here are a couple of pictures from our walk – our first one out in the autumn weather.

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