Autumn Tag

I love a cute Autumn Tag! So I went looking for one that I could take part in for Blogtober this year; and I came across this tag shared by MindBeautySimplicity and I just had to re-post!


  1. What is your favourite fall scent?
    I love the smell of wet leaves and soil when out on autumn walks, it is so natural and pure.
    I also love pumpkin spice; I think it is more the cinnamon scent that I like about it!
  2. Pumpkin pie or Apple Pie?
    Apple pie for me! Nothing beats a home made apple pie with piping hot custard!
  3. What is an Autumn Tradition of yours?
    We have a cute tradition within our house, it is a fairly new tradition, but I look forward to it this year! We have started going to a horror movie drive-in! Last year we watched Blair Witch. Whilst the movie was on, actors would creep around the lot and scare people in their cars, it really added to the atmosphere! It was great fun.
    We also all go pumpkin picking with each other every year and then pick a night to sit around the table and carve them out together, which is always nice!
  4. What are you most excited about, this fall?
    This year I am most excited about going to Farmageddon with friends! We have booked Halloween night, so it should be even more exciting than usual!
  5. What is your favourite scary movie?
    I love the Insidious movies! They are my favourite horror films and I could re-watch them a millions times and still be impressed!
  6. What is your favourite Halloween candy?
    I was recently introduced to Candy Corn… and I have to say it is pretty great!
  7. What is your favourite pumpkin spiced item?
    Definitely pumpkin spiced latte! I love a good Costa PSL.
  8. What is one of your favourite fall memories?
    I remember as a kid, I would gather loads of fallen leaves outside of my Grandma’s house and jump in them for hours on end! Something so simple, yet so fun!
    I also loved making arts and crafts out of the fallen leaves and collecting conkers.
  9. What is one of your favourite autumn must-haves?
    I would have to say a big, soft scarf! One of the ones that open up really big like a blanket! They are so cosy and perfect for the sweater weather,

If you would like to take part please feel free to do so! And tag anyone who you think would enjoy this lovely tag!

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