It Will NOT Be Lonely This Christmas

As always, we here at SeeTheUniverse want to try and make the festive period a little bit better for those who may be struggling. Whether this be due to their mental health, bereavement, financial struggles or more, we want to shed light on how the holiday can have an impact on people in various different ways.

To do this, we will be posting various blog posts about these topics and more as well as posting some personal experiences and also some happy festive related blogs too; so hopefully there will be a good mixture of serious posts as well as informal and fun and there will be something for everyone to enjoy! These will be under the category of Blogmas 2021 for easy finding.

But that is not all!

We will also be posting activities across our social media pages, such as competitions, quizzes, Twitter Talks (via the new feature, Spaces) and more!
We will try to be as active as possible; especially on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day! Please remember to look out for each other, show a little extra understanding and be patient.

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