Christmas 2021

This year was filled with uncertainty; but it was also filled with lots of love and laughter! Thankfully, no additional Covid Restrictions were put in place before the holidays, so we were able to spend some much needed time with family and friends this year. Here is how my Christmas went this year…

On Christmas Eve this year, the four of us decided to stay home and have a quiet night in. We opened our stocking fillers together and made lots of buffet food to snack on. We also did a family quiz, where the girls went head to head with the boys (and won by a mile!) It was a lovely evening and the four of us were in bed by 10pm, snuggled up watching Christmas Movies before drifting off to sleep.

On Christmas morning we all got up early and headed downstairs to open all of our gifts together; stopping to put the heating on along the way!
We put all of our fleecy blankets and cushions out on the floor and each sat down with our own Santa Sacks to open.
With Christmas music playing in the background and a cup of tea in hand, I felt grateful and blessed to be sitting here with my Fiancé and two of our closest friends, celebrating my favourite time of they year.

I received some lovely gifts from everyone. Jake bought me a beautiful Michael Kors watch, Mayday Parade tickets and lots of lovely clothes. Bella bought me a bath bomb making kit and a signed copy of the first episode of Greys Anatomy. And Anthony bought be a pretty Pandora charm for my bracelet (which had an adorable picture of little Bean in the middle!) and a grow-your-own Venus flytrap!
Everyone was smiling and laughing as they opened their gifts and the room was filled with love… until Jake opened one of his gifts from Anthony…
It was a round tin of Carolina Reaper Chilli Powder. Those who know Jake will know that he enjoys a bit of spice in his food… but when he opened this tin to smell the content, he was not expecting to inhale the powder through his nose and burn his insides. His reaction was hilarious and it is safe to say we all had a good giggle. Jake is fine, his senses are all in tact!

After presents in our house, I headed to my mum and dads to exchange gifts with them. I received some lovely gift vouchers for JD and River Island (which I used to buy myself some nice Calvin Klein pieces and a new bag!) I also got some Ghost perfume, Olaplex hair treatment set and some tasty treats.

After this, me and Jake had Christmas Dinner with his mum, where more gifts where exchanged! Jakes mum gave me some beautiful Disney gifts, including a pink Minnie Mouse blanket with my name on and a matching mug! Jake brother Ollie and his girlfriend Beth, gave me a gorgeous Ted Baker set in a beautiful carry case and Jakes nan gave me some Christmassy socks and a new diary for 2022.
We then sat to eat dinner. It was so refreshing to sit with everyone and enjoy some lovely home cooked foods and talking about the year that we had all had and some of our favourite memories that were made. After food, we played some board games together before me, Jake, Beth and Ollie headed to Jakes Dads house for the evening.

You can guess what came next… MORE presents!
Jakes dad bought be a nice Adidas top with a Loreal beauty set and his Auntie Donna got me a Baileys gift set!
We ate more food and played lots of fun games; including a scavenger hunt and ‘Who am I?’ – Before we knew it, the clock struck 3am and it was time to head off to bed!
We spent the night at Jake Aunties house and had a full cooked breakfast in the morning before heading home and getting ready for some Boxing Day shenanigans with my Mum and Dad!

It is safe to say that we had an amazing Christmas this year and we can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us.

We hope that you all had a lovely Christmas and we wish you all the best for the New Year! Stay safe, stay strong and Have Hope Always xo

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